ryan paevey lawrence saint victor 2014 daytime emmy awards red carpet 2014 Daytime Emmy Awards red carpet hosts' rape 'joke' and more draw ire from celebrities and viewersThe 41st annual Daytime Emmy Awards online broadcast went off without a hitch, but the red carpet was another story.

The gist is that Brittany Furlan, Lauren Elizabeth, Jessica Harlow and Meghan Rosette, the “social media experts” hired to do the red carpet interviews, had seemingly very little training, preparation or even professionalism during the interviews, making a rape joke about “General Hospital” actor Ryan Paevey (above, left) and asking “The Bold and the Beautiful’s” Lawrence Saint-Victor (above, right) what it’s like to be a black man on a soap opera these days — not for any kind of social commentary, but simply because that was the only question they had for him.

For a full run-down of how the red carpet went, read TV Line‘s summation.

The total trainwreck did not go unnoticed by the nominees or viewers. Reactions on social media include:

  • So this has been an adventure….haha. #GH— Ryan Paevey
  • “Hey #daytimeemmys maybe hire some red carpet “hosts” w a little less black and rape jokes next year. These girls have the verbal runs.” — Brandon Barash
  • “Someone make them stop talking! #DaytimeEmmys #RedCarpet” — WeLoveSoapsTV
  • “I think it’s safe to say the #DaytimeEmmys red carpet is the worst live-streamed event of ALL-TIME!” — Roger Newcomb
  • “The Daytime Emmys red carpet moments included such gems as “Guys, I’m sorry if my nipples fall out” from its hosts. #savetheDaytimeEmmys” — Yvonne Villareal
  • “That red carpet was the most shameful display ever in the history of the #DaytimeEmmys.” — Jamey Giddens
  • “They’re starting a fund for Red Carpet Crisis Counseling following the #Daytimeemmys Dig Deep people” — Nancy Lee Grahn

TV Line’s Matt Mitovich has called for an apology from the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.

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