alec baldwin arrested bike riding gi Alec Baldwin arrested in New York City   for illegal bike riding?Reports have been released that former “30 Rock” actor Alec Baldwin was arrested in New York City for illegal bike riding.

In Touch first posted pictures of the arrest, which show Baldwin being handcuffed in full workout gear and being loaded into the back of a police car. TMZ later elaborated that Baldwin had been bike riding in the wrong direction on Fifth Avenue, and also didn’t have his ID on him.
According to Page Six, another factor in the arrest was that Baldwin started “mouthing off” to the officers who pulled him over. The site’s source notes that the combination of no ID and a “bad attitude” is what got Baldwin taken in. After the arrest, Baldwin was reportedly taken to a police station.
Baldwin’s mouth has gotten him in plenty of trouble over the past year. After an alleged homophobic slur, his show on MSNBC was axed. Even before that, he had an altercation on a plane over “Words With Friends,” and went on a homophobic Twitter rant against a Daily Mail journalist.
Update: According to Baldwin’s representative, he was not arrested or charged with any crime, and has since been released from police custody.
Posted by:Terri Schwartz