alpha house tca gi 'Alpha House': 7 great one liners from the Amazon comedy's TV press tour sessionAmazon has renewed its first original comedy, “Alpha House,” for a second season, and its cast was in fine form Saturday (July 12) at the summer TV critics’ press tour.

John Goodman, Clark Johnson, Mark Consuelos and Matt Malloy traded one-liners throughout the press conference. Here’s a collection of the best ones.

Goodman, responding to a question from the back of the Beverly Hilton ballroom: “That’s where I usually sit with for the Golden Globes.”

Johnson, talking about how his experience as a director affects his acting: “‘The Wire’ cast was way funnier.”

Goodman picks up the thread: “I got shanked in the cafeteria. We share a stage with ‘Orange Is the New Black.’ [pause] That rarely happened on ‘Roseanne.'”

Malloy describes his character: “He’s married to Amy Sedaris, who has a character name, I’m sure.”

Questioner: “Is there any political message want your character to get out?”
Goodman: “People are bad.”

Johnson on playing a Republican senator: “I come from a card-carrying SNCC family. To play a Republican — my mother’s still not speaking to me.”

Goodman, on why the show films in New York: “[Kevin] Spacey’s hogging up everything in Baltimore.”

The new season of “Alpha House” is set to premiere later in 2014 on Amazon Prime.

Posted by:Rick Porter