jessica lange childrens book its about a little bird gi 'American Horror Story's' Jessica Lange talks her new children's book, 'It's About a Little Bird'In the past few years, Jessica Lange has become synonymous with her spooky FX series “American Horror Story,” so the last thing anyone might’ve expected the award-winning actress to do next would be to write a children’s book. But that’s just what she’s done.

Lange has published “It’s About a Little Bird,” a children’s book that combines the avid photographer’s old-fashioned hand-tinted photos with a partly true story to tell the story of two little sisters who, while staying at their grandmother’s house, learn that she once lived in Rome and had a special canary named Uccellino. When it came time for her to return to the states, she snuck the bird on the plane in her pocket and landed safely with her.

Speaking about the charming story with, Lange claims some of the story is true. “There is an element of make believe, but a lot of it is true. The whole thing with the little bird happened,” she claims. “It’s true where I got the bird, how I got it back and about the birdcage… Putting together a book is brand new territory for me. I don’t know how it’s going to be perceived. It’s good to do things that mix it up a little bit.”

As for how her book came to be, Lange says that it all grew out of a project for her own grandchildren: “I’ve done photography for quite a while. Really it was just for myself, but it became more than that. From that, I became very interested in the old colored postcards, the hand-tinted photographs. I started hand tinting my black and white photographs and created a story around some of these images. It was meant as just a little family thing. But it spiraled out of control, and now it’s a book. This is a story I made up for my granddaughters.”

“It’s About a Little Bird” is available in stores now.

Posted by:Billy Nilles