arrested development inside the actors studio 'Arrested Development' cast's best 'Inside the Actors Studio' moments

The cast of “Arrested Development” headed to “Inside the Actors Studio,” along with creator Mitch Hurwitz, to speak with the show’s host, and fellow co-star, James Lipton about their characters and the show everyone loves so much.
They were all there, save for Michael Cera, David Cross and Tony Hale. There was a lot of love for each other and Lipton, who played prison warden Stefan Gentles in the episode,
Lots of fun little factoids were shared on the episode, including:
  • Mitch was a writer on “Golden Girls”
  • Will Arnett got the call to audition for GOB right after he decided to quit doing pilots
  • Maeby (Alia Shawkat) is a combination of Mitch’s daughter’s names: May and Phoebe
  • Portia de Rossi’s least favorite word is “panties,” Jason Bateman’s is “fleshy.”
  • Lipton and Liza Minnelli were among the first people Mitch knew he wanted on the show
There were also some notable quotes from the cast:
  • Portia on finding her stage name in movie credits: “They were scrolling and de Rossi caught my eye and I thought, ‘Yeah, that’ll do.'”
  • Will on GOB: “GOB is officially a magician. He’s not a particularly successful one, monetarily, but he’d argue he’s at the top of his game.”
  • GOB on his failures as a magician: “It’s usually because other people don’t live up to their side of the bargain. Because Michael has failed me.”
  • Jessica Walter on playing villains: “I think I’m lucky to get these mean, vicious, horrible people to play, but I don’t think I’m like them.”
  • Portia on Lindsay: “She actually thinks she’s a genuinely good person and a good wife.”
  • Jason on the Bluths: “Mitch said early on, ‘Our job as writers is to make these characters as despicable as possible, your job as actors is to make them as likable as possible.'”
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