frankie nicole big brother 16 'Big Brother 16': Week 10 Head of Household competition live blogIf you’ve been paying attention this week to the “Big Brother 16” goings-on, you know that things didn’t look good for Donny Thompson. And unsurprisingly, he was evicted 5-0 Thursday (Aug. 28).

It’s a real bummer because he was a smart, nice man who just never found his alliance in the house. It’s kind of a miracle he hung around as long as he did.

But with Donny gone, now it’s HOH time and “Big Brother” is finally putting the houseguests through their paces via an endurance competition. As outgoing Head of Household, Cody is not competing, but everyone else is in it to win it.

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9:52 — The competition is called “Sloppy the Snowman”?! That is nasty. But regardless, this is the run-and-fill competition, which may favor Nicole (the one who needs HOH the most). Of course, Nicole won’t be in the running for long if she doesn’t get a little more aggressive on the ice.

10:05 — The feeds are back right away and so far, everyone’s levels are really low. But Victoria is already crawling. She’s pretty much out of it already.

10:11 — Nicole has kind of stepped up her game. She wants to win badly, you can tell. But Caleb is going to be hard to beat, he seems to be having the easiest time.

10:16 — Caleb has started crawling already, so Nicole might have a chance. She’s practically running back up the lane after dumping her “snow.” Nicole, Caleb, Christine and Frankie are the only ones who appear to be in this challenge.

10:23 — Frankie might actually be in the lead. He’s on the end where the cameras are, so we don’t get to see his snowman as often as the others. But he has a decent amount in his snowman.

Here’s a look at where Nicole and Christine stand at 10:35 p.m.:

big brother 16 endurance competition 'Big Brother 16': Week 10 Head of Household competition live blog10:39 — Christine might be in the lead out of the entire field at this point.

10:59 — Nicole is falling further and further behind. Not sure she can pull this one off.

11:19 — Derrick is really struggling with this one, so he’s decided to go for the money. The question is, is he so bad at this that he can’t fill the small snowman before someone else fills the big snowman?

Some of the best spills of the competition so far, courtesy of BB_Updates:

— It’s hard to see exactly who’s winning, but it looks like Christine and Caleb are fighting it out for first. Nobody’s giving up, though. And Derrick looks like he might win the money (eventually).

11:37 — Nicole is slipping further and further behind the leaders. This looks like a two-man race between Christine and Caleb.

— Caleb and Christine are getting very close to being able to get their lump of coal. I wonder if it’ll come down to Christine having smaller hands than Caleb. Also, Caleb is really talking to himself — “Beast mode, beast mode, push then bounce, push then bounce, you got this, you got this, don’t stop, don’t stop.” It’s kind of hilarious.

11:58 — Crazy Caleb is almost there and he’s definitely the lightest on his feet in this comp, which is surprising.

12:03 — The problem with this competition this year is that there aren’t enough adversaries trying really hard. Nobody has given up, but plenty of them aren’t working that hard because there’s no way to catch up once you’ve fallen behind. It’s really just a matter of time until Caleb wins because Christine is getting too tired to keep up. But nobody really cares if Caleb wins except Nicole, you know? They’re all pretty much aligned together.

12:08 — Derrick won the $5000!

At 12:18, we finally get a shot of Caleb’s bowl. He’s definitely winning.

caleb frankie big brother 16 endurance competition 'Big Brother 16': Week 10 Head of Household competition live blog
12:22 — Good for Caleb if he wins such a tough competition, but what another boring week in the house. He’ll put up two girls with the other girl as the re-nom possibility. There will be no power shift, blah blah zzzzzzz.

— Caleb just won, he’s the new HOH.

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