blue-bloods-exiles-cbs.JPGNot only was “Exiles” the season-ender of “Blue Bloods,” it was the end of the road for several of the show’s recurring characters.

Written by executive producer Kevin Wade (“Working Girl”), Friday’s (May 9) episode that wrapped up the fourth year of the CBS police drama was the swan song for several people linked in different ways to the suicide that opened the story.

Eileen Clayton (guest star Michelle Sebek), eventually revealed to be a madam, willfully took a dive off the patio of her penthouse … shown in slow motion from above, all the way down until she struck the roof of a parked taxi. By the time the investigation was finished, several careers would be altered or finished.

Inspector General Kelly Peterson (recurring guest star Bebe Neuwirth) decided to resign her position after helping Frank (Tom Selleck) find information, reasoning that she’d grown too fond of him to be effective in her job as an NYPD watchdog.

Police Chief Dino Arbogast (John Ventimilglia) was fired after surveillance footage revealed he secretly had been serviced by one of the madam’s employees.

And prosecutor Erin’s (Bridget Moynahan) boss, Amanda Harris (Amy Morton), was headed for the exit over unethical practices in using the madam in a sting operation aimed at netting public officials.

At the scene of the suicide, Danny (Donnie Wahlberg) and Maria (Marisa Ramirez) found another detective team already working the case — including Walt Finney (guest star Glenn Fleshner), an old nemesis Danny believed to be a dirty cop. Noting Danny’s gold shield, Finney taunted him by asking if he stole it “off Daddy’s dresser.” The two investigators almost came to blows, but Maria calmed them down.

After being told Clayton had been cooperating with the D.A.’s office in a sting, Danny and Maria found her apartment wired for video surveillance. Since Finney was working for the D.A., Maria wondered who was “trying not to get their hands dirty” by his being sent to collect evidence first. “That’s a good question,” Danny replied.

Jamie (Will Estes) and Eddie (Vanessa Ray) had their hands full with an arguing family, Bartosz Mazurski (guest star Demosthenes Chrysan) not wanting his daughter Kasia (guest star Jen Ponton) to marry Baltazar.Aboud (guest star Walid Amini). The father believed Batazar only wanted the wedding to stay in America since his student visa was about to expire, but Kasia insisted that wasn’t the reason.

Touched by the woman’s plight, Eddie wanted to do more, but Jamie said it was more “an immigration issue” than one for them to handle. Still, Eddie gave Kasia her card and told her to call if there was more trouble.

Danny ran into some. After finding that prostitution charges had been dropped against Clayton, he and Eddie were ordered off the probe by Sgt. Gormley (Robert Clohessy), who said the D.A.’s office was handling it. Danny found Erin and asked her about it, but she couldn’t say much, and he was even more frustrated to return to his car and find one of the tires slashed. He suspected Finney, who just happened to be driving by, as the culprit.

After another heated exchange betwee=n them, things only got worse for Danny: The D.A.’s office filed a complaint against him for continuing the suicide investigation after being told to drop it. Gormley placed him on “modified assignment” — demanding he hand over his shield and his gun, and making Danny only more determined to learn who wanted him off the case and why.

Erin also wanted to know and went straight to Amanda, who admitted she didn’t want Danny nosing around. Though Erin explained “it was just Danny being Danny,” Amanda said it was “too big a case” for such interference.

Frank told Dino he sincerely appreciated not being given advance warning of Danny’s situation — “I’ve finally found somebody in this building who is willing to respect my wishes regarding my sons” — and Dino reported information on the sting operation was locked up tight. “Keep me posted,” Frank asked.

Maria called Danny to meet her at Clayton’s apartment building since doorman Sergio (guest star Joe Perrino) wanted to talk, but when Danny arrived, Sergio was being arrested and hustled into a police car on old warrants. Again, Danny suspected a cover-up, and he called Frank as “a citizen with an anonymous tip.”

Frank then went to see Kelly and ask if she could use her prosecutor’s-office connections to help him. Noting the longtime widower still wore his wedding ring, she turned the conversation to the personal, advising him that devotion to his job and his family couldn’t take the place of having a lady in his life. “I’m not throwing my hat in the ring,” she claimed. “I’m speaking to you as a friend.”

Kasia approached Eddie and Jamie at the precinct, telling them her father wouldn’t hand over documents that would let her marry Baltazar. Jamie said she’d have to press charges to get them, but Kasia said, “I can’t have my own father arrested.”

Eddie told Jamie that Kasia was “breaking her heart,” but Jamie advised her to stay out of the matter, still believing Baltazar had ulterior motives for wanting the marriage. Nevertheless, Eddie insisted “some situations call for a hero.”

The partners then arrested the enraged father, who ultimately said, “I give up” … and took the documents Kasia needed out of his boot and handed him to her. “I wish you good luck. Goodbye,” he told his sobbing daughter as she was comforted by Eddie, with Jamie looking on.

Erin addressed her concerns about the details of the Clayton-related sting with Amanda, who got defensive when Erin termed it more “a hunting license” than “a proper investigation.” Amanda left in a huff, warning the clearly troubled Erin not to discuss the “highly confidential” case with anyone else.

Arriving at Kelly’s doorstep, Frank was handed an envelope containing a disc she explained was her “going-away present” to him. She told him she was resigning from her Inspector General role because she couldn’t maintain the needed “adversarial position, or at least a firm neutrality” where he was concerned. “I root for you.” Adding that she would recommend a successor, they bade each other a “goodnight” infused with mutual respect.

Frank’s receipt of the disc meant the end of Dino’s employment, as the two men watched footage of Dino with one of Clayton’s prostitutes — who was in a police uniform, no less. The humiliated Dino said Amanda held it over him to keep him involved in the sting, from which she wanted a “bombshell” revelation, no matter how long it took.

Then, Frank asked
if Dino had engineered Danny’s removal from the case. Dino sadly nodded, and Frank asked why he didn’t just come forward about the entire situation. “How’s that gonna go?,” Dino asked. “Walk in my shoes. Would you go to you with that?”

Danny was brought into the office, having been restored to full duty by Frank … who somberly told Dino that Danny would “take your weapon, your shield and your ID. And then, he will take your full and truthful statement.”

“For what it’s worth, I’m sorry,” Dino said. “It’s worth nothing right now,” Frank responded.

Amanda’s turn to face the music came next. Erin went to her office and said, “I feel I owe you for the interest you’ve taken in me” — the “payment” being advance notice of Dino’s statement, which implicated Amanda, and the added news that Erin had filed her own complaint about her boss with a grievance committee.

“You stupid, stupid child,” a furious Amanda hurled back. “I took pity on some clueless chick who was raised by a bunch of cops. When the bodies are counted in this, don’t come crying to me. Get out of my sight.” Erin left, but the look on Amanda’s face made it clear she knew the jig was up.

As Jamie and Eddie walked home from work, a car marked “Just Married” passed them … and indeed, it was carrying Kasia and Baltazar, who stopped and got out to thank them. Jamie said the real way to thank them would be to reveal the true reason they’d wed, and Baltazar stated it: “I’m gay.”

Photos on Facebook had shown him at a “wild party,” and he said he would be killed if he returned to his homeland. “If marriage can save a life, tell me a better reason to get married,” Kasia noted, and the couple invited Eddie and Jamie to join them in celebrating their new union.

At the weekly Reagan family dinner, the police members were in dress uniform for the Police Academy graduation where Frank was going to address the new officers. Others at the table mocked him when he wanted to rehearse his speech, but he began anyway.

The scene then cut to him speaking at the actual ceremony, with the entire Reagan clan watching as he said, “Your most valuable weapon will always be the bond you share with your fellow officers, and your empathy to the public you have sworn to protect.”

Dino was seen setting fire to his police uniform, and Amanda being approached by investigators, as Frank’s words ended with his congratulations to the newest members of the NYPD: “It is my great honor, and pleasure, to serve with you.”
Posted by:Jay Bobbin