grimm comic con panel 2014 nick juliette nbc Comic Con 2014: 'Grimm's' upcoming wesen, mythology and doomWhat’s coming for “Grimm” in Season 4? The answers — some of them anyway — came during the show’s panel at the 2014 San Diego Comic-Con on Saturday (July 26).

One of the things talked about was what sorts of wesen might show up in the new season. There will be an octopus-like creature that steals memories — as executive producer David Greenwalt puts it, he’s a “character who steals your identity but in a really disgusting way.”
There will also be a chupacabra, the mythical goat-sucking creature of the Southwest, something that will apparently make actress Bitsie Tulloch’s father very happy.

A final introduction in the new season — Renard’s hexenbieste mother. “We’re going to meet his mom this year,” Greenwalt teases.

The panel brought up the issue of how the wesen know a Grimm when they see one. While Season 3 addressed the basics — “They see a darkness that’s sort of this infinite darkness that’s scary to the wesen,” according to Greenwalt — the producers promise that more details about the nature of a Grimm will be coming.

Other topics discussed include Captain Renard’s near-death (“You’re the Ghost of Honor at this table,” Silas Weir Mitchell teases Sasha Roiz), the mythical keys (“In year five, we will answer for sure what those d*** seven keys mean,” Greenwalt says), and Hank’s love life (“I’m game for anything as long as Adalind stays on the other side of the room,” Russell Hornsby jokes. “Hank doesn’t do wesen.”).

It sounds like “Grimm” will have a lot going on when the show returns to NBC in the fall.

Posted by:Laurel Brown