covert affairs season 4 summer finale usa 'Covert Affairs' Season 5 summer finale: Who didn't survive 'Sensitive Euro Man'?

What a wild summer finale for “Covert Affairs.” After turning her back on pretty much everyone she trusted, Annie was able to prove McQuaid’s innocence, though it nearly cost him his life.
McQuaid discovered he was being played by Caitlyn the entire time, as well as Georgian diplomat Aleksandre Belenko. They were also trying to set him up as responsible for the bombing of a motorcade of political big wigs.
Annie was able to figure out the plan and save the diplomats from the explosion, though taking Caitlyn into custody never came to pass. After playing dumb about the plot, Belenko shot and killed Caitlyn. Though Annie knows he’s the one responsible for the plot, his diplomatic immunity allowed him to leave without questioning. Meanwhile, Annie was informed that McQuaid was shot by Caitlyn.
As the episode came to a close, Annie sat at his bedside in the hospital, while the Georgian diplomat denounced the attack in a press conference. However, once he was off camera a cell phone conversation relayed that he planned to continue his plot. Just when Annie thought she was out, he pulls her back in.
Luckily, in a preview of what’s to come in the fall, Eyal is back and helping Annie as she goes after Belenko. The world can always use a little more Eyal to spice things up. What did you think of the summer finale? Sound off in the comments.
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