bell hutcherson dallas 592 'Dallas' Season 3, episode 3: Many Ewings do much 'Playing Chicken'

The scheming is reaching a fever pitch at and around Southfork Ranch.
Bountiful proof was supplied by Monday’s (March 10) episode of TNT’s “Dallas,” “Playing Chicken.” After their meeting at which Harris Ryland (Mitch Pileggi) was revealed to be working secretly with the CIA, Ann (Brenda Strong) told Bobby (Patrick Duffy) she feared for Emma’s (Emma Bell) safety. He promised that the women would “always be safe on Southfork. You can count on that.”
Others might not be, though: Greed-accusing graffiti indicated an uprising by workers on the ranch over the planned fracking of the land by John Ross (Josh Henderson), who was drawn into a fight by foreman Bo (Donny Boaz). Bobby broke it up by declaring, “Southfork is a cattle ranch, not an oil field, and I intend to keep it that way. Nobody is losing their jobs.”
Noticing Sue Ellen (Linda Gray) was distracted as they discussed John Ross and Pamela’s wedding plans, Ann asked what was wrong. Sue Ellen shared her hunch that John Ross was cheating with Emma, then apologized and said, “I should be the one who deals with it. And I will.”
Christopher (Jesse Metcalfe) tried to learn more about Trevino’s (Juan Pablo Di Pace) dealings with Cliff Barnes (Ken Kercheval) with a Mexican-jail visit to Cliff, who laughed over his former company now being called Ewing Global. “How very J.R. of you,” he noted.
Cliff vowed the truth about his being framed for J.R.’s murder would come out, and as Christopher left, a youngster literally ran into him — and lifted his wallet, which the boy then passed to two men in a waiting car.
Trevino and Elena (Jordana Brewster) tracked down Rhonda Simmons (Emily Kosloski), the woman mentioned in an intercepted e-mail from Bobby about Cliff’s arrest. Trevino showed her an envelope stuffed with thousands in cash, promising it could be hers if she told the truth about Cliff. He gave her until the next day to decide.
Ann advised Emma to “stay safe” and close to home because of the possible drug-cartel danger, but Emma immediately rebelled and stormed out. Pamela saw her and proposed they engage in some “retail therapy,” and once Emma learned she was going to buy honeymoon clothing, she was in.
John Ross summoned Bo to his office, and instead of firing hm — which Bo expected over their earlier fight — persuaded him to convince the other ranch hands to support the fracking plan, in exchange for not delving into an earlier drug-dealing charge made against Bo by Emma. “You can get your men aboard my train,” John Ross said, “or you can watch ’em get run over.”
Worried about Emma, Ann went to see Ryland and asked him to help rein her in by disclosing his CIA connection. He replied that in the wake of Emma getting him arrested, he can’t trust her that much … adding that “next time, if there is a next time, we could all end up dead.”
Continuing to research Trevino, Christopher approached a former business partner from whom Trevino stole a patent. The man cautioned Christopher that “Nicolas Trevino always wins,” and suggested he might start seeking “who, or what, he was before he became Nicolas Trevino.”
Elena went to a gun range to seek a weapon supposedly stolen from the site and used to frame Cliff. She conned a supervisor into helping her, but when he searched for records on the pistol, none could be found.
Admitting to Trevino that she felt defeated, Elena had renewed hope when Rhonda called him and said she agreed to tell him the truth. He met her in an otherwise empty parking lot, and as he handed her the cash, her car’s passenger-side door opened — and out stepped Bobby, encouraging Rhonda to tell the truth.
She said she knew nothing beyond seeing J.R. leave a club and Cliff follow him out, and Bobby told Trevino, “Sometimes, the truth hurts.” Trevino agreed, but added ominously as he left, “It’ll be interesting to see who it’ll hurt more.”
Telling Ryland that Emma was “more your problem than mine,” Judith (Judith Light) was warned by him that the files Emma stole and gave to John Ross also included “unflattering” information on Judith. She then thought it might be time to launch a probe of John Ross, “to convince him to return the files.”
Bum (Kevin Page) was wrapping up a meeting with John Ross when Emma walked in, prompting Bum to advise him to stay away from her. Later, Bum went to Sue Ellen and confessed that he’d lied to her earlier: “You were right about John Ross and Emma. I’m sorry.” “Not nearly as sorry as I am,” Sue Ellen replied.
After Bum left, Emma seduced John Ross, wearing the same suggestive lingerie she’d convinced Pamela to buy during their shopping trip. “I want you to remember me wearing it,” Emma told him. And he did later, as an unsuspecting Pamela tried to put romantic moves on him at home while wearing the lingerie, leaving her visibly confused.
Trevino returned to Elena, who was even more riddled with doubt about their intentions. Trevino turned the conversation to the personal, telling her, “Fate has brought us together again. I would never forgive myself if I didn’t say what’s always been in my heart. I’ve never wanted a woman more than I want you.” Then they embraced and kissed. And more.
Back in Mexico, Christopher was approached by the two men who drove off with his wallet, offering to help him find what he wants to know about Trevino. He was driven to a residence guarded by armed men, and a woman (Angelica Celaya) emerged and apologized for having him brought “so mysteriously.”
Playfully shooing her two children away, she informed Christopher she could “tell you quite a bit” about Trevino. “I’m Lucia Trevino … his wife.”
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