defiance season 2 finale syfy 'Defiance' Season 2: What did you think of the epic finale?

The second season of “Defiance” has come to a conclusion that’s sure to leave many with big questions going into Season 3. One of the major components of the two-hour finale was Pilar kidnapping her pregnant daughter at gunpoint.
With the daughter being held against her will, and under the threat of harm coming to her child, it leaves her in a precarious place moving forward. Throw in the fact that her mother is a manic disaster, and nothing is certain.
However, the main drive of the finale, and the big cliffhanger viewers were left with, was Nolan and Irisa. After the latter seemingly saved the world from the brink of destruction, it looked like they were sealed in their own private tomb, sure to die.
In those last seconds though, it was revealed they were in a pod, Nolan holding his daughter. Who put them in that pod? Are they alive? So many questions that need to be answered when the show returns next year.
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Posted by:Chris E. Hayner

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