ana ortiz devious maids lifetime 'Devious Maids' gets flashy when they don't have to wear black
Season 2 of Lifetime’s “Devious Maids,” airing Sundays, has seen main characters evolve, and their wardrobes keep pace with the major changes.
The character whose circumstances changed the most is Marisol (Ana Ortiz). Last season, she dressed down, when she was a professor going undercover as a maid to gather information to exonerate her son.
“Marisol’s wardrobe this season is completely impacted by her new home lifestyle and love interest,” Emmie Holmes, “Devious Maids'” costume designer tells Zap2it. “She is surrounded by a lot of elegance. Her style is more sleek, more citified. She wears a lot of Helmut Lang, Alexander Wang and Vince.”

Holmes hits the malls of Atlanta, where the show shoots, and prowls Saks, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom and upscale boutiques for Marisol.
“She still has the sophistication of her professional life, but with a little more patina,” Holmes says. “Her new life style has taken that up a notch. Her palette is very rich, deep blacks, steel gray and deep rich jewel tones.”

roselyn sanchez devious maids lifetime 'Devious Maids' gets flashy when they don't have to wear black
Carmen (Roselyn Sanchez) was mostly in black last year. Though not always in a traditional maid’s uniform, she had to wear black, but whenever she let loose she showed her sexy she was.
“She’s still Carmen through and through” Holmes says. “But she has someone else’s money to spend.”
Carmen had money from her employer, whom she was going to marry, but he was fatally shot and died in her arms. Still, she managed to walk away with flashy outfits. She wears BCBG dresses that are “sparkly and very glitz, very glam,” Holmes says.
Holmes and staff shop for Carmen at Charlotte Russe, American Eagle. “We shop at a younger level to achieve that playful side,” she says.
This season she is “all color, color, color,” Holmes says, “hot pink, electric blue, true red, white and sparkles.”
devious maids rebecca wisocky lifetime 'Devious Maids' gets flashy when they don't have to wear black
Another character whose wardrobe got a boost as the character changes is Evelyn Powell (Rebecca Wisocky). This is a character who is such a shopper that she does not think it unusual when the sales staff at an upscale store sends her dozens of roses. The flowers were from her husband, who included a mini camera so he could spy on her.
This season “we have taken her to a spicier side,” Holmes says. “There’s the rebirth of her marriage and that is absolutely reflected in her wardrobe. And we played with her silhouette. She wears midi A-line skirts. She wears Escada and Tibi.
Evelyn requires her maid, Valentina (Edy Ganem), wear a uniform, but Valentina experiments with clothes, fitting for an aspiring fashion designer.
devious maids edy ganem lifetime 'Devious Maids' gets flashy when they don't have to wear black
“We are playing with her style as she is figuring out who she is as a fashion designer,” Holmes says. “We dress her in a lot of vintage this year. She’s a fun mixture of California teen, Urban Outfitters, and American Apparel and shaking it up with a heavy dose of vintage.”
Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler