extant halle berry pierce gagnon cbs 'Extant': Halle Berry dubs Pierce Gagnon 'Boy Wonder'
Zap2it: It’s been a very long time since you last did series television, so how are you finding making “Extant”?
Halle Berry: The pace at which we shoot is back-breaking. It’s unbelievable how fast we have to turn these episodes out. We get new material, and then immediately have to process it and shoot it.
It’s like my instrument is reforming, and I’m learning how to use those muscles differently. It’s a much different grind, but it’s exciting because it does go so fast.
Zap2it: Since your character Molly has been learning the pieces of her puzzle as “Extant” has gone along, has it been beneficial for you to be in the same situation as an actress?

Halle Berry: Sometimes it’s a help, but it’s another part of working in television that I’m having to learn to adjust to. It’s like flying without a net. I’m just having to trust, and I have a wonderful team of people that I’m working with, so it’s not that hard for me to … but there’s still an element of letting go of control, not knowing where you’re going, and hoping to craft a character that’s going to make sense at the end of the day.

Zap2it: The “Extant” supporting cast includes a very young member, Pierce Gagnon. How has it been to work with him?
Halle Berry: We call him “Boy Wonder.” He’s so smart and so talented, but at the same time, he’s a little kid. As our showrunner Greg Walker says, we just hope to return him to his family as he was when he came to us. That’s our goal — not to ruin him.
Posted by:Jay Bobbin