keith-carradine-fargo-lou-solverson-fx.jpgOn Monday (July 21), FX announced a second season for “Fargo.” The cable channel ended its day at the summer TV press tour by having writer/executive producer Noah Hawley talk a little about what Season 2 will look like.

Hawley did not disappoint. He says he’s just started to break stories for Season 2 (which won’t air before fall 2015), but he has the setting — and its ties to the first season — down.

“If you were paying attention to Season 1, we made a lot of references to Sioux Falls,” Hawley says. “That was deliberate. The next 10-hour movie is going to be the story of Sioux Falls. It takes place in 1979. The stories are set in Luverne, Minn., Fargo and Sioux Falls.”

That means viewers will also see a younger version of Keith Carradine’s character, Lou Solverson — “We’re going to CG old Keith Carradine performances,” Hawley jokes — and a couple other people connected to Sioux Falls as well.

“You would meet Molly’s [Allison Tolman] mother, who was not a character in Season 1, and may learn what happened to her,” Hawley says. “There was one other person in that rodeo, Ben Schmidt [Peter Breitmayer], the lieutenant who was there.”

The time period may eliminate some of the references to “Fargo” the movie that fans spotted in the TV series, but Hawley likes to think of all the stories as connected.

“I like the idea that somewhere out there is a big, leather-bound book that’s the history of true crime in the Midwest, and the movie was Chapter 4, Season 1 was Chapter 9 and this is Chapter 2,” he says. “You can turn the pages of this book, and you just find this collection of stories. … But I like the idea that these things are connected somehow, whether it’s linearly or literally or thematically. That’s what we play around with.”

Finally, Hawley says that “there are a lot of clues left” in the first season as to how the events in Sioux Falls unfolded, “and we will do our best to hit those in unexpected ways.” He also mentioned other touchstones in the Coen brothers canon that might figure into Season 2.

“I would say if the three movies that influenced Season 1 were ‘Fargo,’ ‘No Country for Old Men’ and ‘A Serious Man,’ this year we are in ‘Fargo,’ ‘Miller’s Crossing’ and ‘The Man Who Wasn’t There,'” Hawley says. “So let the Internet speculation begin.”

You heard the man: What do you hope to see in Season 2 of “Fargo”?  

Posted by:Rick Porter