anthony geary red carpet nc 325 'General Hospital's' Anthony Geary on Luke Spencer's 'saving grace'Zap2it: With “General Hospital” having just passed its 50th anniversary, what are your reflections on playing Luke Spencer for so much of the show’s run?

Anthony Geary: The older I get, the more I appreciate this extraordinary opportunity that I’ve had to not only have made a living all these years — and a good living — with this character, but to have had some kind of influence on entertaining people for this amount of time, with this guy that they just don’t seem to get tired of. That’s extremely gratifying.

Zap2it: What are your thoughts about still being on one of the few daytime serials left on broadcast television?

Anthony Geary: That’s an amazing thing to think of. I try not to, for two reasons: I’ve lost so many friends who were on shows that are no longer there, and I can’t wrap my mind around the fact that we’re still telling stories about [Luke’s] life and family and passions … and the darkness of his heart and the lightness of his spirit.

Zap2it: Knowing Luke as thoroughly as you do, is your radar still sensitized whenever you’re handed a new wrinkle in him to play?

Anthony Geary: Absolutely. I have battled through the years to hang onto the integrity of the character, to use a lofty word. This has been a very difficult character for writers who have come onto the show to grasp.

He’s neither a good guy nor a bad guy, a white hat nor a black hat. He’s a man of gray shades, more like real people. That’s been the saving grace of being able to play him all these years.

Posted by:Jay Bobbin