grimm-season-3-finale-blonde-ambition-monroe-nick-nbc.JPG“Grimm” Season 3 comes to a close tonight (May 16), and fans can look forward to watching Rosalee and Monroe’s wedding finally play out. But there’s plenty of other craziness that goes on, and Zap2it can give fans desperate for information an early tease of “Blond Ambition.”

Zap2it had the chance to watch an early screener of the episode, and can promise that it’s one you will want to watch live. Here are five spoilers from the Season 3 finale:
Monroe and Rosalee actually do get married. After seasons of build up, don’t be concerned that Monroe and Rosalee won’t actually say “I do.” They are indeed married by the end of this episode, though how long their happily wedded bliss lasts is something else entirely.
Rosalee’s sister DeEtta makes a big wedding no-no. What’s the worst thing a woman can do on the eve of her sister’s wedding (that’s not sleeping with the groom, of course)? That’s what DeEtta does to Rosalee, though it all works out in the end.

At least one life is in danger. No clues as to whose life that is, but there definitely is a character who doesn’t look like he/she will survive the finale. And given the situation, that death would be really heartbreaking.
Adalind proves why you should never, ever have sex with her. In case you didn’t learn your lesson from Hank and Renard, Adalind proves once again that she’s someone you shouldn’t lock lips — or other parts — with.

The finale ends in a cliffhanger. Would it be a “Grimm” finale if it didn’t? But unlike previous seasons, this cliffhanger ends up with you desperate to know not only the physical ramifications of the finale, but also the emotional ones.
“Grimm’s” Season 3 finale “Blond Ambition” airs Friday at 9 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.
Posted by:Terri Schwartz