grimm-season-3-finale-nick-juliette-nbc.JPGThe “Grimm” Season 3 finale, “Blonde Ambition,” is sure to be a happy one as Rosalee and Monroe finally tie the knot, but it also will be loaded with typical “Grimm” levels of conflict. Viewers already saw the seeds of some of that take root in Season 21, “The Inheritance,” as Adalind took on the identity of Juliette.

Expect that to not go well for Juliette in the finale. When Zap2it visited the season finale set in April, Bitsie Tulloch teased that Juliette will be pivotal in this episode.

“I figure very prominently in the finale episode. I’m all over it,” she says. “It’s the finale episode. Of course all hell breaks loose.”

Without giving away spoilers, there will be some major tension between Nick and Juliette in episode 22. Tulloch says that is a result of some drama that took place earlier in the season — and, of course, Adalind.

“One of the reasons Nick and Juliette are having tension right now stems from Episode 17 when Adalind shows up and Nick sort of — they’re both upset about the situation, but Nick is encouraging her to let them into the house,” Tulloch says. “So yeah, Adalind wreaks havoc everywhere she goes and she’s back a couple episodes before the finale. Adalind’s pissed with what’s going on with her baby and her maternal instincts — however creepy they are — are kicking in, and she’s making a mess out of everything for everyone.”

When Juliette went wedding dress shopping with Rosalee earlier in the season, she seemed to have a bit of a wedding craze herself. But Tulloch and David Giuntoli acknowledge that the ball has always been in Juliette’s court to accept Nick’s proposal.

Asked why it’s taken so long for the couple to tie the knot, Tulloch says, “Because this is a TV show and it creates conflict.” Giuntoli adds, “Honestly, that’s the real answer. I think that they like for the hero couple to always be in a state of disrepair — coming together and moving apart, but never fully meeting up. And when they build a relationship on a show, the real win for them is then they get to tear it apart.”

Juliette and Adalind aren’t the only two characters causing trouble in the finale. Nick causes his own special Grimm breed of chaos as well.

“I think Nick feels like a burden to a lot of his people, Monroe, Juliette in this episode, some stuff goes down because I’m a Grimm. I’m always I feel like I’m a bit of a pariah. So I feel like that’s difficult,” Giuntoli says. “This finale, Nick is trying to be a friend to people and it’s probably making their lives worse.”

“Grimm’s” Season 3 finale, “Blonde Ambition,” airs Friday, May 16 at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz