grimm-season-3-finale-blonde-ambition-wedding-rosalee-monroe-nbc.JPGOn a crisp, sunny day in April 2014, Rosalee Calvert and Monroe finally walked down the aisle. Though the “Grimm” Season 3 finale won’t air until Friday (May 16), Zap2it was invited to the set more than a month earlier to witness the long-anticipated nuptials of the two fan-favorite characters.

While most TV show set visits involve shooting on a studio stage, “Grimm” scouted out many real-life locations around Portland to find the perfect venue for Rosalee and Monroe. The crew finally settled on a gorgeous, large wood cabin whose residents kind enough to move out for a few days to accommodate the show’s shooting schedule.

April had been a rainy month for Portland, which is one reason why the wedding was shot indoors instead of outdoors, as is Wesen culture. But Silas Weir Mitchell said it makes sense that the ceremony is indoors, arguing with the whole rule-breaking, tradition-bending theme of the wedding.

“Everything about this wedding is kind of outre in the world we live in as Wesen,” he told Zap2it and a small group of journalists on set. “There’s a Grimm on the altar, there are different Wesen all together — which is less strange than the Grimm being there. But everything about the wedding — the interspecies thing, which is a no-no — it’s a big deal.”

Before the wedding was broken down into small parts to be filmed for the episode, the cast in attendance went through a wedding run-through directed by Norberto Barba. It felt a bit like an actual wedding rehearsal as the families and friends of both characters settled in their seats and the main “Grimm” actors took their places on the altar. There even was a respectful calm in the room when Bree Turner first entered in her wedding dress, as one would expect when a bride first appears on her wedding day.

But even though all the pieces felt like a wedding, there was enough joking on set to make it clear that the cast was still relaxing before having to get in character. Mitchell pretended to trip up the altar when he first walked onto it, while Turner earned a few whistles when she made her own journey across the room to join her onscreen husband. When they had to kiss, both made strange noises and clung to one another in an awkward hug, with Mitchell yelling, “That’s Wesen style!”

Even though the cast wasn’t entirely serious during their first rehearsal, filming the major scene was still enough to give the actors jitters. “I’m legitimately nervous,” Turner admitted before she had to say her vows during their dry run. Mitchell later said he didn’t think the full emotional impact of the wedding would actually hit him until he filmed the scene for real.

“It’s just ‘pinch me, is this real’ [for Monroe]. It’s like, ‘Oh my god, I can’t believe this,” he said. “I’ve gone from being a horologist hermit who went out to get his mail and that’s as far as outside as I wanted to go, to someone who’s crime fighting with a Grimm and falling in love with another species. My life has changed so much, and this is sort of the culmination of the drawing out of Monroe into the world. I’m just dumbfounded. Agape.”

The broad wedding rehearsal ended with the best joke it could have — Mitchell quipping in-character as Monroe, “What the f*** am I doing?” — and then the cast split up. There were many moving parts to the wedding scene, and each had to be broken down and shot separately. All for a very special celebration of love in an episode that otherwise will feature a good deal of action and heartbreak.

“What the end of the episode will be, I think, is Monrosalee are in a perfect little snow globe of love and acceptance and all this stuff is just deteriorating around them,” Turner teased of the Season 3 finale.

“Grimm” Season 3, episode 22 “Blond Ambition” airs Friday, May 16 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz