grimm-season-3-finale-blonde-ambition-rosalee-monroe.JPG“Grimm” might be leading up to a big conflict in its Season 3 finale, but at least some happiness will be shared as well. Monroe and Rosalee will finally tie the knot, and their wedding is something to behold.

Zap2it was on set for the wedding, and it was definitely an emotional experience. Stars Silas Weir Mitchell and Bree Turner admit that this is a big turning point for their characters.

“The route to the wedding has been long discussed, and so everyone’s very excited about it, we’re excited about it, it’s a big deal,” Turner says. “I do think Rosalee is falling in love, she’s getting married, she’s embracing more of her feminine side and her beauty and being confident and being more feminine and softer.”

With that being said, the seeds of conflict are set up for the wedding. Adalind is impersonating Juliette, a Grimm is going incognito at the ceremony and a whole variety of Wesen are being brought together in one room.

“Everything about this wedding is kind of outre in the world we live in as Wesen. There’s a Grimm on the altar, there are different Wesen all together — which is less strange than the Grimm being there. But everything about the wedding — the interspecies thing, which is a no-no — it’s a big deal,” Mitchell says. “I think Monroe’s a rule-follower in a lot of ways, and that this wedding — and his relationship with Nick and all these things — they drew him out into a rule-breaking mode, and then they realized there’s actually a kind of authenticity in the rule-breaking. That’s a big deal for any person.”

According to Mitchell and Turner, neither Rosalee nor Monroe are aware of the other dramatic moments being played out on their special day. “All hell breaks loose,” Mitchell teases of the other storylines. “Lives change.”

When asked to offer some sort of clarification of what those storylines would be, he says, “What’s the most complicated, f***ed up thing that could happen, and that’s what happens.”

“Grimm’s” Season 3 finale airs Friday, May 16 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz