jason biggs the view cohost table Jason Biggs apologizes on 'The View' for 'poorly timed' Malaysia Airlines jokesProving just how remorseful he is for tweeting jokes about the Malaysia Airlines crash, Jason Biggs used his co-hosting opportunity on “The View” Monday (July 21) to issue another apology for the incident.

“There was one line, an old adage,” Biggs says on the show. “‘Never attribute to malice that which is explained by stupidity.’ I
certainly meant no harm; there was no malice, but I was stupid. It was
poorly timed. I’ve always tried to find the humor in situations… it’s a
knee-jerk reaction for me, it’s how I cope.”

The “Orange Is The New Black” star found himself in an interesting position when he made light of the Malaysia Airlines flight that was shot down over Ukraine, tweeting, “Anyone wanna buy my Malaysian Airlines frequent flier miles.”

Fans immediately started firing back at the actor, and Biggs engaged in what became an increasingly heated Twitter battle. Biggs later apologized and deleted his controversial tweets. The actor said during his co-hosting gig that he didn’t know “the extent and magnitude of what had happened” before posting his tweets.

“I have nothing but sympathy for the victims and their
families,” Biggs added. “I’ve learned my lesson and would like to move on.”

Posted by:Sarah Huggins