masterchef 511 recap fox 'MasterChef' Season 5, episode 11 recap: 'Top 11 Compete'

The stakes were higher than ever on “MasterChef,” with the home cooks battling to make it to the Top 10. It all started with a mystery box challenge that actually left the competitors with a choice.
They were given the option of using everyday items found in many kitchens across the country, or the luxury equivalent. Naturally, many went with the luxury items, but not everyone. In particular, Victoria used the everyday ingredients to create a tilapia and ham steak dish that carried her to the top three, alongside Leslie and Elizabeth.
Leslie finishing strong was a surprise, after he was taken to task by Joe for not properly seasoning anything. He took the criticism to heart though, fixing his protein trio of pork, beef and ahi tuna. The creation won him the challenge and several advantages in the pressure test.
The first was, as usual, that he didn’t have to cook. Automatically, Leslie jumps forward to the Top 10. He also got to pick which stuffed pasta the others would have to make. He picked caramelle, something most of them hadn’t heard of before.

Finally, he was given the opportunity to take away one competitor’s pasta maker, replacing it with just a rolling pin. After showboating with it around the kitchen, which was actually pretty funny, Leslie handed the rolling pin to Daniel.
Surprisingly, that wasn’t Daniel’s downfall though. Instead, he decided to get a little too creative, rather than preparing the pasta as asked. He added habanero pepper and it was just too spicy. In fact, all of the bottom three competitors were there because they tried too much.

Besides Daniel, Big Willie made a dessert pasta and Scottish Francis used beet juice in his and made a sauce that just didn’t work. The word “disgusting” was thrown around quite liberally by the judges, so it’s not a good night to be bad.
Meanwhile, Jaimee won the contest with a simple pasta dish, that she put her own spin on by adding pork to the sauce. The judges loved it. Courtney, the runner up, made a clean plate with fresh tomatoes joining her pasta. Even Cutter earned praise from the judges, by incorporating a cream sauce into his dish.
When all was said and done, one chef had to go. While the judges had issues with all of the bottom three, it was decided Francis was the one to go. He goes outside of the box often, with the results rarely matching up to his intentions.
Eliminated: Francis
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