masterchef 512 recap fox 'MasterChef' Season 5, episode 12 recap: 'Top 10 Compete' and 2 go home

With only 10 home cooks left, things are really heating up on “MasterChef.” Before sending anyone home though, it all kicked off with a team challenge.
The cooks were tasked with making healthy all-American food for those in attendance at a youth football game. That meant turkey burgers and fish tacos for everyone. Both sides faces big challenges. Over on the red team, Jaimee wasn’t exactly a vocal leader who was willing to stand her ground. As the team crumbled, it ended up being Elizabeth who took charge.
Meanwhile, Christian screwed up the ground turkey mixture at first, though he was able to rectify the situation and earn praise from the judges for his seasoning. The same couldn’t be said for Leslie’s fish tacos, though. They were very bland, which means a loss for the blue team. it was a narrow loss though, with Jaimee’s red team getting 51% of the vote.
Back in the kitchen, the blue team learned two of them would be eliminated after the pressure test. First, Courtney and Christian were saved from cooking. That left Victoria, Ahran and Leslie to battle it out. They had to create a trio of prawn dishes, including ceviche, tempura-battered prawns and one that was stuffed and broiled.

It was no surprise who ended up walking out the door. Leslie’s dishes were all complimented, while the judges had issues with the food Ahran and Victoria presented. Victoria, in particular, was an easy decision to cut after she tried to feed Gordon raw prawns.
She was the first to go, followed quickly by Ahran. Still, Ahran and Leslie were able to have a moment to reflect on how far they’ve come in their personal relationship. The days of them yelling at each other are long gone.

Eliminated: Victoria and Ahran
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