masterchef 507 recap fox 'MasterChef' Season 5, episode 7 recap: 'Top 15 Compete'

It was a wild night in the “MasterChef” kitchen that saw one more home cook walk out the door. After Courtney’s victory last week, she was safe from competition this week. Instead, she got to choose cooks to partner up on a surf and turf challenge.
Her stroke of genius was putting Ahran and Leslie together, since they absolutely hate each other. Unfortunately for Courtney, the plan backfired. The two were able to find peace and actually thrive while working together. Leslie even finally figured out how to properly say Ahran’s name, which is a miracle.
The same couldn’t be said for Dan and Cutter or Francis B. and Christian. Both teams had severe problems communicating and working together and got sent to the pressure test as a result.
The pressure test for the week was to make a perfect serving of spring rolls and dipping sauce, something that Dan should have been able to easily do after his history in China. Surprisingly though, it was Christian whose dish won the praise of the chefs.
The rest of the cooks all had problems getting the ratio of filling to wrapper right and issues getting the right amount of crispiness. In the end, it was Francis B. who left the kitchen. His spring rolls were extra greasy after he dropped them in cold oil to cook.
Eliminated: Francis B.
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