masterchef 508 recap fox 'MasterChef' Season 5, episode 8: 'Top 14 Compete'

The “MasterChef” kitchen is now a bit less populated after the judges chose another home cook to send packing. Before that though, there was a team challenge to get through.
The judges divided the cooks into male and female teams, before making each side pick a member of the opposite sex to join them. The cooks were tasked with running the kitchen of a diner, each side getting half the customers.
It was clear right away that Willie was having trouble expediting in the kitchen. As the captain of his team, he was unable to get the job done, though he wasn’t the only one. Leslie, for instance, had way more trouble frying an egg than any cook should.
He also continued to make enemies left and right. While he might have found a bit of peace with Ahran last week, Daniel is still fair game.
On the other side of the kitchen, the women and Christian excelled in the challenge with only minimal hold ups. They were the easy winners, leading to the men and Victoria facing the dreaded pressure test.
Willie was given the option to save himself, as captain, or three of his teammates. He chose to spare Daniel, Scottish Francis and Victoria, leaving a showdown between himself, Dan, Cutter and Leslie.
Those up for elimination had to make a perfect red velvet cake, which is easier said than done. While  Willie and Leslie have no problems with the cake, as one’s a baker and the other is just plain good, Cutter and Dan both turn in less than stellar products.
Dan’s batter was too thick and he overcooked his cake, while Cutter isn’t good at ratios and has far too much frosting between his layers, making the cake way too sweet. Instead of taking the criticism, Cutter instead flips out and argues with all three judges. It’s the absolute wrong way to handle the situation, but he doesn’t seem to care.
He painted a huge target on his back, but still managed to survive the night. It was Dan’s cake that was the worse of the two, so he was sent home.
Eliminated: Dan
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