masterchef 509 recap fox 'MasterChef' Season 5, episode 9 recap: 'Top 13 Compete'

It was another wild night in the “MasterChef” kitchen. With only 13 home cooks left, things are heating up. This week’s mystery box was gigantic and filled with salmon. The cooks had to create the best salmon dish they possible could.
Once each of the competitors had grabbed their fish, there was one left. That went to Gordon and Graham. Things go well enough, until Elise suddenly started calling for a medic. It’s unclear exactly what was wrong with her, maybe a panic attack? She leaves the kitchen shortly, but returns to finish her dish.
Joe liked the dish Gordon and Graham put together, but they aren’t eligible to win the mystery box, so who knows what the point of that was. It’s Christian who wins the challenge, with his expertly cooked blackened salmon. Courtney and Elizabeth were also noted for their dishes.
His advantages are pretty standard. Christian is excused from the pressure test and he gets to choose what everyone else gets to cook with. Each of the judges had a basket of their favorite ingredients. Christian goes with Joe’s, which is a “bounty of Italy.” The interesting addition is he gets to choose one competitors to only get 30 minutes to cook. He picks Courtney, because she’s his biggest competition … or because no one likes her.
Unfortunately it just doesn’t work. Courtney’s spaghetti with mushroom ragu and artichokes is a hit with the judges. In fact, all of the dishes get praise from the judges, except for ones made by Willie, Elise and Cutter.
Cutter serves up “artisan” pizza, which Joe spits out and Gordon mocks, Willie offered tomato soup that no one really cared for and Elise gave the judges ravioli. However, she started crumbling as she brought it to them, admitting she’s lost her confidence and doesn’t know how to get it back.
Unfortunately the ravioli is bland. That, combined with her seemingly giving up, spelled her exit from the kitchen.l Somehow Cutter makes it another week. At least he didn’t yell at anyone this time.
Eliminated: Elise
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