meredith vieira general hospital Meredith Vieira returns to 'General Hospital' in prostitute role

Meredith Vieira is making a return to “General Hospital,” the soap opera that she once appeared on in 2003 as the owner of an upscale call-girl organization. Though her Bree Flanders has found more legitimate work since, she teases that her character is still very much the same.

“She’s no longer providing comfort to men! Lynn Herring returns to the show as Lucy Coe [also Friday] and it turns out Bree is her senior vp of marketing at CoeCoe Cosmetics,” Vieira tells TV Guide. “But, really, not much has changed for Bree. Prostitution. Makeup. Hey, it’s all sales.”

The episode that Vieira’s in airs on Dec. 14, but it turns out that the character of Bree stretches beyond the realm of “General Hospital.” Back before she was a madame at a prostitution ring, it turns out that she used to work as a hooker for Renee Divine, a character fans will recognize from “One Life to Live.” This news came as something of a surprise for Vieira.

Really? Yeah, before Bree became a madam in her own right she used to work for a madam named Renee at a whorehouse in Reno, Nevada, but nobody told me Renee was a character the audience would know!” she says. “That’s so cool!

Posted by:Terri Schwartz