mike judge wired full Mike Judge strives for authenticity in HBO's 'Silicon Valley'Mike Judge’s latest TV series, HBO’s “Silicon Valley,” is garnering major buzz as being one of the next great comedies on the small screen. An insightful Wired article opens a window into why this series is so funny: Judge put authenticity above all else.

“I didn’t want that uncomfortable feeling that I was bulls****ing the audience,” Judge tells Wired. “When gangsta rap was first coming out, I think it was Suge Knight or J. Prince who said, ‘It’s gotta work in the street.’ It just felt like we had to have street cred.”

To do that, Judge returned to his science background. He hired his college roommate, a biophysics PhD, to consult on the show. He hired Jonathan Dotan, a 33-year-old web entrepreneur and investor, to create a believable tech advance for the main characters of the show. Dotan was later made an associate producer. Judge wants to get Silicon Valley right if he’s going to skewer it in “Silicon Valley.”

“Very rarely does Hollywood get engineers right,” Judge says. “Instead you see some underwear model spouting a bunch of tech babble. Having been on the other side, I just don’t want to be responsible for another one of those.”

According to Wired’s account of “Silicon Valley’s” creation, a big part of HBO picking up the series for eight episodes was the pilot’s “true-to-life touches.” Expect more of those in the entire series, with some situations coming almost directly from Judge’s own experiences. The more one knows about start-up culture, the funnier “Silicon Valley” will supposedly be.
“Silicon Valley” premieres April 6 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on HBO.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz