neil patrick harris the talk himym 200 Neil Patrick Harris knows how 'How I Met Your Mother' endsThe cast of “How I Met Your Mother” hasn’t filmed the series finale yet, but a couple of them already know how the show will end.

The show’s five stars (minus Cristin Milioti, who plays the Mother) were guests on “The Talk” to promote the 200th episode of “HIMYM,” airing at 8 p.m. ET/PT Monday (Jan. 27). Neil Patrick Harris says he cornered creators Craig Thomas and Carter Bays at the show’s Christmas party and, since they’d all had a couple drinks, they told him the ending.

“It’s more complicated than I had thought — it’s not just a simple, one-word ending,” Harris says. “I think that our fans who have stuck with us will really appreciate all the details.”

“What Neil doesn’t know,” his co-star Alyson Hannigan jokes, “is they just gave him the ending to ‘Lost.'”

Josh Radnor can do Harris one better: He says he’s known at least a piece of the ending since the show’s first season, although he wasn’t sure if Bays and Thomas had stuck with what they told him back then.

“They told me, then I didn’t know if they would go through with it,” Radnor says. “At the beginning of this season I asked ‘Are you still doing the …?’ and they said yeah.”

Here’s some more of the cast’s appearance on “The Talk,” including Hannigan getting a little teary-eyed about saying goodbye.

Posted by:Rick Porter