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“Orange Is the New Black” has not been canceled. There is no need to freak out.

Cancellation reports for the Netflix series began to circulate on the Internet after a Friday (July 11) article posted to Empire News stated that the Emmy-nominated comedy would cease production.

There’s just one big problem about these rumors: Empire News is a satirical news site and there is literally zero truth to the rumors. “Orange Is the New Black” isn’t going anywhere.

What made people think the article was real and that the women’s prison-set show was done? Empire News included a very press release-y statement to back up the cancellation, claiming that Netflix head Reed Hastings and “OITNB” creator Jenji Kohan had a disagreement.

“We regret to inform Netflix members that ‘Orange is the New Black’ has been permenantly [sic] cancelled. Also, starting September 1st, 2014, past episodes will no longer be available for streaming on Netflix,” the “statement” reads.

Had people kept reading the article, the hoax-ish nature might have become clearer.

“According to inside sources, a private fued [sic] between Netflix co-founder Hastings and show creator Jenji Kohan came to a head after Hastings insisted to Kohan that there be more male leads in the show,” the article claims. “He displayed his displeasure with how the show represents women … ‘A woman’s place is in the home, in the kitchen, taking care of children.'”

Yes, that’s a hoax. The “Orange Is the New Black” Twitter feed said as much on Saturday (July 12): “Orange Is The New Black has NOT been canceled. Whoever started this rumor will be spending some time in the SHU,” the feed states.

In reality, “Orange Is the New Black” has been nominated for multiple Emmys, won Critics’ Choice TV Awards and has been renewed for Season 3. So don’t worry.

Posted by:Laurel Brown