orange is the new black season 2 appropriately sized pots rosa 'Orange Is The New Black' Season 2, episode 8 recap: 'Appropriately Sized Pots'Warning: Spoilers ahead for the first eight episodes of
“Orange Is The New Black” Season 2. Please stop reading now if you haven’t caught up to this point.

What’s going on

Episode 8 puts Piper back in the crossfire, Rosa gets an amazing backstory and finally Mendez returns.

In Season 1, we really didn’t find out anything about Rosa other than she is battling cancer. However, her back story is by far one of the best. We find out in “Pots,” young, beautiful Rosa was introduced to bank robbing by a boyfriend and then later ended up running the show. Interestingly enough the good luck kiss before and after the heist from Rosa, ends up being the kiss of death for her boyfriends over and over again. 

The only thing that is a little unsettling is when picturing what younger Rosa would look like, one wouldn’t be crazy to have imagined a young Polish or Hungarian woman, judging by her accent, however, young Rosa is surprisingly a fiery Latina. That aside, young Rosa is awesome and loves the smell of money. Although it is ultimately what gets her locked up, when she gets greedy and holds up a bank on her own.

Present day Rosa’s time in running out though, so she pulls off one more heist–stealing $63– at the hospital with a teenage boy who also has cancer. This is followed by a bittersweet moment, where Rosa finds out her partner in crime is in remission. He has his whole life ahead of him, while her days are numbered.

Piper finds herself on the outs with her fellow inmates when she shares the news of her granted furlough. Many of them had applied and never got approved, so they want to make Piper’s day before furlough hell for her.  However, Chapman isn’t the inmate that was starved out, she now isn’t afraid to fight back. Sadly, Piper’s furlough approval has come too late, in a heartbreaking moment she finds out her grandmother is already dead and she’ll never get her moment to say goodbye.

Meanwhile, Soso won’t shower and Caputo is back on the war path in this episode and fires sweet, innocent guard Fischer just for talking back. Red is thankfully able to get him to stop poking around in her greenhouse, just as Fig starts to take notice of the illegal items somehow getting in like makeup and gum. Fig tells Caputo she has taken matters into her own hands at Litchfield and hired someone with a “little more muscle.” And finally we get to see the return of Mendez/Pornstache and we forget just for a second about Piper’s sad news.

Favorite Lines

Golden Girl:
“No one gives a s*** about old ladies. We just remind them they are going to die.”

Fischer: “I had medical and dental. I was paying off my KIA.”

Nicky: “We don’t dream, we die, right?”

Piper: “I love my f****** grandmother and yeah she may be a whitey too but…”

Notable Tunes

“B****in ‘ Camaro,” The Dead Milkmen: End credits

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