emma stone snl 2 'Saturday Night Live': Emma Stone and Coldplay bring the funnyEmma Stone made made her second appearance as “Saturday Night Live” guest host this weekend (Nov. 12) and we’re really glad Stone, who knows a thing or two about comic timing, came back.

In Emma’s opening monologue she’s visited by not just one, but two Spider Men: Andrew Garfield and Andy Samberg. Guess which one delivers the line: “Sorry Gwen, I don’t have time to bone. I have to fight Green Goblin. Oh wait, Green Goblin just canceled, we can bone now.”

Next up, Bill Hader hosts “Secret Word” — the game celebrities play at home. In 1964.

Then Hader returns as veteran local newsman Herb Welch, reporting live from the scene of an apartment building where ice is apparently falling off the roof:

We also got a new digital short from Adam Sandberg. In “Wish it Would Rain,” Samberg plays a Michael Bolton-esque singer who uses his video shoot as an opportunity to vent.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson