scandal season 3 finale 'Scandal' Season 3 finale unmasks the monstersSo much happened in the Season 3 finale of “Scandal” that I hardly know where to begin. But buckle in and — as if I need to say it — spoiler alert if you haven’t seen “The Price of Free and Fair Elections” yet.

The Election

Thanks to Jake — and no thanks to Cyrus, though he seemingly had a change of heart at the last second — the church is (mostly) evacuated before the bomb goes off. However, the national tragedy with footage of Sally Langston at her Florence Nightingale best puts Langston in the lead for the election win with no hope in sight for Fitz.

But Maya Pope can’t let the president get away so easily, since apparently she’s dead-set on killing the man who hurt her daughter, so Maya kills the president’s son Jerry (!) by somehow infecting him with a vial of bacterial meningitis she stole from the CDC at Fort Detrick.

This personal tragedy bounces Fitz back into the lead for the election, because of course it does, and he also is never going to leave Mellie now (especially since Olivia couldn’t in good conscience not tell him about Big Jerry raping Mellie).


Eli survives Maya’s attempt on his life (though I suspect she knew what she was doing missing his heart) and he sets about getting her killed for Fitz after what she did to his son. Eli goes to Harrison to inform him that Adnan is dead (killed by Maya, so Eli says) so that Harrison will help him get Maya. She is quickly found and seemingly killed, which puts Eli back in command of B613.

But twist! Maya didn’t kill Jerry, Eli did. Eli’s been after President Grant all along for hurting Olivia and killed Adnan just to get Harrison’s help against Maya. But he also got the president re-elected because that was what Olivia wanted. Now Olivia’s gone, the president is in Eli’s pocket, Maya’s in the hole and Harrison … is probably dead, but I would not be shocked if he’s the latest member of B613 next season.

Meanwhile, Olivia decides she wants out — she wants the plane, the passport and a fresh start. She leaves her team safe and protected, then when Jake appeals to her to take him with her (not even caring that she’s in love with another man), she agrees because she can “stand in the sun” with Jake.

Jake’s parting shot, though, is to send David Rosen everything he has on B613.

Thoughts & Tidbits

  • There was like half a season’s worth of events crammed into this episode. I’m a little disappointed it wasn’t a two-parter, honestly. There was a whole sub-plot with Charlie, Quinn and Huck that was extremely short-changed and actually felt very shoe-horned into the episode. It’s too bad they couldn’t have wrapped that plot up last episode and given the events of this episode that much more screentime. The editing for this episode about gave me whiplash and a lot of important things happened off-screen. “Scandal” episodes generally go at a break-neck pace, but this was like “Scandal” on crack cocaine.
  • However, all the things that did happen in a mere 60 minutes were pretty awesome, particularly that Eli was behind everything. I love a good twist and Joe Morton is a delicious villain.
  • Obviously Olivia Pope did not just quit Pope and Associates. What will the show be without Kerry Washington? It’ll be interesting to see how the writers get Liv back in Washington DC.
  • It’ll also be interesting to see how they revisit Olivia and Fitz in Season 4. That relationship seems pretty dead to me (and hallelujah, because it’s not going to work out as long as he’s president and now with Mellie and his kid and everything), but you know because this is TV that the writers will find a way to bring the love triangle back.
  • RIP little Jerry. You’re a casualty of a lot of insane psychopaths.
  • And finally, kudos to the entire cast. The acting on this show is always stellar — it frequently elevates material that could be fairly ridiculous in less capable hands — but tonight’s episode was another level, particularly on the parts of Tony Goldwyn and Bellamy Young.

Best Lines:

David: “Homeland Security? They’ll bury this whole thing under eight tons of paperwork and Voldemort gets away scot-free again.”

Olivia: “I wouldn’t want you if knowing what you know you left her now.”

Olivia: “How did we get like this? When did we stop being people?”
Cyrus: “Were we ever people? Or did serving at the pleasure of the president just help us to shed our pesky skins and unmask us as the monsters we really are?”

What did you think of the Season 3 finale of “Scandal”?

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