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Seth Meyers will soon be leaving “Saturday Night Live,” but at least he’s sticking with the “Weekend Update” anchor desk through this season. With Bill Hader, Fred Armisen and Jason Sudeikis all done with the standup comedy show, Meyers opens up about how this year will be different from others.

“I mean, certainly a rebuilding effort,” Meyers says at the Television Critics Association fall TV preview on July 31. “But I don’t think it’s any bigger than, you know, ones that have happened historically. It’s a really exciting time to be at the show. I’m really glad I’m going back for the first half of next year. I think the most fun I ever had at the show was the first year with Andy [Samberg], Bill, Jason and Kristen [Wiig], like when they came in. I think it was ’06, ’07. But it was –”

His “The Awesomes” co-creator Michael Shoemaker cuts in, “Those years are really — I mean, I was there for 25 years. And that time when a bunch of people leave is thrilling because you — because we know the new people and we are just introducing them to you. And it’s actually — it’s a lot of work, but it’s great.”

As for how Meyers will shift between his work on “The Awesomes” (out Aug. 1 on Hulu), his commitment to “SNL” and his upcoming shift to “Late Night,” Meyers says it will be a balancing act.

“It’s the very early stages on ‘Late Night’ — like, more than anything else, we’re staffing. I think we both know from the shows we’ve worked on how important it is to put together a strong staff of writers, unique voices. So that’s been a really fun process of it, as well,” Meyers says. “I’ll go back to ‘SNL’ in the fall and work there up until ‘Late Night.’ The nice thing about ‘The Awesomes’ now is we’re pretty much through the work on it, thankfully. Because I — there’s obviously going to be less and less time.”

He adds, “I’ll stay at the [Weekend Update] desk until I — until they give me a new desk.”

Posted by:Terri Schwartz