sherlock martin freeman richard iii shakespeare fan applause gi Are 'Sherlock' fans ruining Martin Freeman's 'Richard III' performance?

Would William Shakespeare be a “Sherlock” fan?

That question will never have an answer, but it’s certain that some Shakespeare fans are not pleased with “Sherlock” devotees coming to performances of “Richard III” starring Martin Freeman.

Some theater critics have been especially harsh on enthusiastic “Sherlock” lovers at the performances. “I was irritated when the audience interrupted the flow of the play to clap and cheer Martin’s first scene. I understand that Martin Freeman is popular, but I have no bigger pet peeve, than everything getting standing ovations these days,” says Telegraph arts blogger Claire Dikecoglu.

Despite this criticism, the play’s director, Jamie Lloyd, has emphatically denied that any such disruptions occurred during Freeman’s performances in the Shakespearean tragedy.

Maybe Shakespeare fans and “Sherlock” fans just can’t ever get along.

Posted by:Laurel Brown