sherlock season 3 premiere molly kiss louise brealey bbc 'Sherlock's' Molly Holmes kiss won Louise Brealey thousands of Twitter followers

“Sherlock” fans are a passionate lot, which means that the kiss between Holmes and Molly in the Season 3 premiere was bound to get attention.

For actress Louise Brealey, that kiss meant a lot of attention on Twitter. The woman behind Molly Hooper ended up gaining thousands of followers in just a few minutes once fans saw her lock lips with co-star Benedict Cumberbatch.

Brealey discusses her sudden Twitter fame in a recent interview with Radio Times. “It went completely crackers when the show came out,” she says. “I got 7000 Twitter followers within five minutes of that kiss airing. It had doubled by the time the episode ended.”

For those who may have forgotten, the kiss between Sherlock and Molly — a young scientist who has always held a candle for the emotion-phobic detective — was part of one of the theories about how Holmes had managed to survive his “suicide” at the end of Season 2.

Currently, Brealey has 160,000 Twitter followers and may get even more when “Sherlock” returns for Season 4 at some unannounced future date.

Posted by:Laurel Brown