sherlock moriarty season 4 comic con benedict cumberbatch bbc 'Sherlock' Season 4: Benedict Cumberbatch knows how Moriarty returns

Will Jim Moriarty return when “Sherlock” Season 4 premieres? Benedict Cumberbatch knows the answer.

Unfortunately, the actor isn’t saying and, according to an interview with MTV at Comic-Con 2014, he’s hoping to forget until it comes time to shoot the new season. “I casually choose to forget in order to rediscover it again a little bit,” Cumberbatch says. “I like casually forgetting, not least because there’s a lot of other traffic between then and now but also because it’s more fun because it’s slightly more fresh.”

Whether he remembers it or not, Cumberbatch is a fan of the twist that somehow brings Moriarty back from the grave at the end of the Season 3 finale. “It’s a very good idea, I do remember that detail,” he teases. “I’m just trying not to remember it so I don’t blurt it out.”

At the end of the “Sherlock” Season 2 finale, Moriarty (Andrew Scott) shot himself in the head shortly after convincing Holmes to also commit suicide. While Sherlock obviously faked his death and managed to return for Season 3, it didn’t look like Moriarty could have done the same.

That theory changed slightly when an animated image of Moriarty’s face suddenly appeared on screens across England in the “Sherlock” Season 3 finale. Does that mean he is alive? Is it all a ruse?

Fans will apparently only find out the “very good” twist when “Sherlock” returns for Season 4.

Posted by:Laurel Brown