charlie hunnam sons of anarchy gi 'Sons of Anarchy': Charlie Hunnam doesn't care about Emmys, but Kurt Sutter does

“Sons of Anarchy” is on its way to a very bloody final act when the seventh and last season of the show premieres. Before that, the cast gathered with creator Kurt Sutter and executive producer Paris Barclay at the summer TV press tour to reflect on the past and prepare for what’s to come.
The new season will find a very different Jax. With the death of Tara at the end of Season 6, something inside of him as definitely changed. “This final betrayal and tragedy in his life had completely demolished any potential of him trusting anyone outside of his immediate circle,” star Charlie Hunnam says. “Unless you’re my mom, my children or one of the Sons of Anarchy, you’d better watch out.”
That mindset sounds like an easy road to violence, though it’s not necessarily something Sutter is trying to raise the bar with every year. “This show is a pulp novel each week,” Sutter says. “It’s not so much about how do I outdo myself, it’s really about within the circumstances of a scene between two characters, what is the most interesting way for things to happen?”
While some might think at times it’s been violence for the sake of violence, Sutter argues, “I don’t think anything we’ve ever done, no matter how obscure or outrageous, has been inorganic.”

The easiest example is the murder of Tara in the kitchen. “The reason why it was a fork was it was there,” he says. Still, killing off a major character on the show isn’t an altogether bad thing, as he adds, “It’s not that my goal is to disturb people, but I also want that reaction when beloved characters go away. I want people to be upset. When Opie was killed people f***ing hated me.”

On the topic of the show’s lack of awards recognition, Sutter quips, “It’s because we’re not wearing costumes.”

Hunnam adds, “Lest we not forget, it doesn’t matter. At all. There’s this perception that we’re upset about this. I can speak only for myself, and in all honesty, I really don’t give a s***.”

Sutter tends to think a little differently, saying with a smile, “I want an Emmy. I’ll be honest, I would like an Emmy.” Barclay jokingly chimes in, “I have two, but I really don’t want them.”
“Sons of Anarchy” premieres Sept. 9 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on FX.
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