charlie hunnam kurt sutter the bastard executioner gi Charlie Hunnam really wants to be on Kurt Sutter's new medieval show

With the final season of “Sons of Anarchy” in production, creator Kurt Sutter is also working on his next show. “The Bastard Executioner” is set in 1300s London, with Sutter planning to venture to the United Kingdom in spring 2015 to shoot a pilot.
Though he’s said it’s possible there may be a role on the series for his wife, Katey Sagal, there’s one other “Sons of Anarchy” star that’s hoping for a job. Charlie Hunnam is from England and seems like a natural fit for the series. “He f***ing better put me on it,” Hunnam says during a Television Critics Association summer press tour event. “It’s like, what the f***. I’ve given him everything I’ve got for seven years, so yeah, I would love to go and be on that show. Maybe just for a season or two — or for more, whatever — but he’s going to be in big trouble if he doesn’t invite me.”
In fact, Hunnam already has quite a bit of knowledge about the era the show will be set in. “I spent a lot of time researching the period maybe 200 years later than that when I wrote a script about Vlad the Impaler,” he explains. “I really am interested, and particularly in English history and that period of English history. It sounds really great, his idea. He’s going to create something pretty exciting.”
As for whether or not Hunnam will actually land a role on the show, it’s not out of the question. When asked by Zap2it about the possibility during the “Sons of Anarchy” press tour panel, Sutter says with a smile, “Because we’re shooting off the U.K. tax credit, Charlie’s probably one of the few actors I can use because he’s got duel citizenship.”

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