suits-season-3-finale-no-way-out-poll-mike-usa.JPGIf you didn’t yell at your TV at least three times during the “Suits” Season 3 finale, “No Way Out,” you may be doing it wrong. Tension reigned from beginning to end, and there were more than a few surprises in the middle.

Some of those surprises lead to questions about what is coming when “Suits” returns in the summer with Season 4. Here are three of the biggest questions and some polls for your own answers.

Is Harvey safe now?

Thanks to the intimidation of Louis, the loyalty of Mike and the possibility of a new job, it looks like Harvey might be safe for now — at least as far as the law is concerned. Still, that US Attorney did threaten to come after Harvey in the future. Will he follow through?

What will Scottie do with the information she has?

She is leaving — which was probably inevitable — but Scottie is departing Pearson Specter with knowledge of the firm’s biggest secret. Considering that this woman is a high-powered and successful attorney, this has to be considered leverage against the firm at some point in the future.

Will she use it and should the “Suits” characters be scared?

Mike’s not really going to leave, is he?

Mike has taken the investment banking job. His motives are pure, and you know the guy is going to be a success at something like that. But will Mike really go? Can he leave Harvey? Does the show have a way to keep going when one of its characters is elsewhere?

Posted by:Laurel Brown