supernatural season 10 jeremy carver tca interview 'Supernatural' boss promises Sam and Dean are 'still in a good place' despite Dean being a demon With “Supernatural” Season 10 fast approaching — but not fast enough, let’s be honest — Zap2it got the chance to sit down with executive producer Jeremy Carver after the “Supernatural” panel at the 2014 Summer TV Press Tour on Friday (July 18) to try and squeeze all the scoop we could get out of him about Demon Dean, Sam’s hunt for his “missing” brother, Castiel, Crowley, and much, much more.

Thankfully, Carver was game to talk about all things Season 10, including the upcoming 200th episode. Check out our full Q&A with the “Supernatural” boss below:

Zap2it: During the “Supernatural” panel earlier, you made a comment about how Demon Dean is not going to be quite what we expect him to be. Can you elaborate on that a little more?
Jeremy Carver: This is the first time that we’re going to see Dean as a demon. It’s not a demon possessing Dean, it’s still Dean’s soul, but just twisted. In that way, every decision made is Dean’s. So as dark or as evil or whatnot that Demon Dean might be or what you might expect him to be, there’s still Dean there. There’s a self-awareness. Let me put it this way: Dean is not unaware of the thing that he’s become.

Where will we pick up when Season 10 premieres? Is there going to be a time jump or will it begin immediately after the Season 9 finale ended?
There will be a slight time jump of about four to six months. It’s enough for Dean to start to settle into being demon. It’s enough for Sam to cause some real problems in his search for Dean. By problems, I mean that he’s hellbent on finding his brother, and he doesn’t know what his brother has become. He will go to such great depths to find his brother that when they finally do cross paths, it’s going to be a real question of which brother is the true monster?

So we aren’t going to miss the moment that Sam finds out that Dean is a demon? That won’t happen in the months we’re going to skip?
You are not going to miss that moment. That did not happen offscreen, while we were on hiatus. I promise, you will be there when that happens. [laughs]

Good to hear! What can you tell me about this mysterious other character that is also on the hunt for Dean in addition to Sam hunting his brother?
Well, I can tell you that he’s kind of cool and his name is Cole. He is someone from Dean’s past who is looking for Dean for reasons totally unrelated to what’s going on with the demon/Mark of Cain story. He’s a guy that has a terrific amount of hunting skills but he’s not a hunter in our sense of the word. He has no idea that the monster world exists so imagine his surprise when he comes across the man he’s been hunting and he is something other than human. He’s a pretty cool character.

Have you cast that character yet?
Yes, but we’re not announcing it yet.

How is Demon Dean’s new supernatural status going to affect his growing relationship with Crowley?
Where we left off, Crowley was very much in the mind that these two would basically go on one long pub crawl. That’s where Crowley was emotionally, but Dean has different ideas. That’s pretty much where we’ll pick up. I think it will become very clear that Crowley has certain designs for Dean and one of the central conflicts of the season is, is he going to take up the offer that Crowley has made him? Their relationship will be tested in the early episodes of the season.

This is the first time both Misha Collins (Castiel) and Mark Sheppard (Crowley) have been series regulars at the same time, so it that going to change the show in any way?
I think it will change it for the good. We’ve got them each for a few more episodes than we have before so now we have the opportunity to give them a few more stories of their own. The show has always orbited around Sam and Dean but one of the secrets of our show is that the supporting characters generally bounce around whatever the brothers are doing. But Misha and Mark have both come into their own in ways that we saw last year that really support standalone stories of their own. So we’ll be seeing some more of that coming up.

When we last saw Castiel, he was up in heaven with a fading grace, and Metatron was in jail, so what can you tell me about the situation in heaven when we come back for Season 10?
The situation in heaven is relatively stable. And the situation in hell is also relatively stable. I think that’s going to give a false sense of calm to, certainly, Sam and Dean, as well as some of our other players. So the mythology this year will sneak up on you a little bit more than it has in previous years. We’re building up the season-long mythology right from the jump but we don’t necessarily come right out and announce it like we have in seasons past, like how Season 8 was about the tablets. It’s a bit of a slower build this year. I think that potentially will give it a bigger impact.

Interesting. So is Cas still up in Heaven even though things are, as you said, “relatively stable?”
No. Castiel is actually going to be on Earth at the start of the season, and he’s still dealing with his stolen grace that’s fading. He’s got to try and figure out a way to stay alive that doesn’t involve stealing another angel’s grace. That’s where we’ll find him at the beginning.

I loved the moment in the Season 9 finale when Dean told Sam, “I’m proud of us,” and the brothers finally got back to a good place with each other after a season of fighting and uncomfortable friction. Are we going to be back in square one now that Dean’s a demon, or is there a chance for that goodwill to carry over regardless of Dean being a demon?
No. Absolutely, everything that happened at the end of Season 9 will carry over into Sam’s relentless pursuit of his brother and to save his brother, as opposed to Season 8 when he didn’t even look for him, you know? It’s all built off that moment in the Season 9 finale, that reconciliation that happened. We’re going back to the basics. There’s always some friction among the brothers but I would say the relationship is in a good place.

I can’t tell you how relieved I am to hear that. This season is also going to feature the milestone of reaching 200 episodes, which is amazing. What are you most excited for fans to see from the 200th episode?
What I’m most excited for fans to see, I can’t say yet. That’s a tricky question. [laughs] That’s a good question. It’s going to be meta, and there will be songs. I’m most excited for the fans to hopefully embrace how it’s something of a thank you and love letter, in the self-loathing, sarcastic, “Supernatural” way that we approach everything like the 200th episode. Have fun with that one! [laughs]

“Supernatural” Seaosn 10 premieres Tuesday, Oct. 7 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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