supernatural season 10 scoop jared padalecki misha collins 'Supernatural' Season 10: Jared Padalecki, Misha Collins dish on Dean's demonic Season 9 finale twist If you’re still in shock after watching the final moments of “Supernatural’s” Season 9 finale (read the full recap here), you’re not alone. Misha Collins is right there with you.

“The end is shocking. It really is,” Collins tells Zap2it. “When I read the script I was like, ‘Oh! Oh my god! I can’t believe they’re going to do that!'”

Oh, but they did. When “Supernatural” returns in the fall for Season 10, Dean will be a demon. A demon. Yeah, this summer hiatus is going to be excruciatingly long, huh?

“I don’t know, I m not a registered therapist so I’m probably not in a position to give advice on this, but I think a lot of fans will be seeking counseling over the hiatus with this storyline,” Collins says. No kidding.

Both Collins and Jared Padalecki confirm that Season 10 will immediately deal with the fallout from Dean’s death-by-Metatron/demon transformation. “The final 30 seconds of the finale … certainly sets up what’s going to happen with Season 10,” Padalecki tells Zap2it.

But Dean’s demonic twist isn’t the only thing fans got to freak out about during the Season 9 finale. Sam and Dean finally got over their issues with each other and shared a touching, heartfelt, brotherly moment only seconds before Dean “died,” and Padalecki was happy to see Sam and Dean back in a good place with each other.

“It’s nice. Being a father of boys and being a brother myself, I, Jared, don’t love it when the brothers fight and when they’re not on the same page,” Padalecki says. “Sam sees Dean in this situation that Sam was in Season 4, so he’s saying to his brother, ‘Buddy, you had to help me off the edge five years ago and now you’re doing the same thing. Open your eyes!’ But that’s something I understand. I know what it feels like to love somebody, a family member, and go, ‘Listen, man, push through.’ I’ve been there. I get it. It’s kind of like what Dean said to Sam at the end of last season. ‘Listen, there are other ways to do this, get off the ledge.’ It’s nice to play that.”

Padalecki then adds, “I love the guy. I’ll deny it if you ever mention it.” (Oops, sorry, had to mention it … )

Dean’s not the only one of Team Free Will that’s in a precarious position as we head into Season 10. Castiel is running on borrowed time with his stolen angel grace. “I don’t know what Cas’ fate is but I’m sure that his depleting grace is going to be a storyline that’s playing out in Season 10,” Collins says. “That’s not a storyline that’s resolved in Season 9.”

So with Dean’s new demonic state, can Cas count on Team Free Will to band together to help him out? “As always in our show, that’s a tenuous dynamic that probably will rapidly dissolve,” Collins teases. “We have issues still, I’m sorry to say. There are some problems that emerge at the end of Season 9. I think the audience is going to kind of freak out when they see the very end of the finale. And then they have to wait. It’s mean. I don’t know why they have to do that. It’s cruel.”

That it is, Collins. That it is.

“Supernatural” returns this fall for Season 10 on The CW.

Reporting by Jean Bentley
Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum