survivor-cagayan-top-six-CBS.jpgOn the latest “Survivor: Cagayan,” Spencer and Tasha make a play for Tony’s Idol(s), though everyone seems to think he’s full of it when he says he has the special one.


Kass is now referring to Tony as “the Don” because he’s the godfather of the game. She’s bitter and hurt about not being included in the decision-making process, so Kass is looking ripe for the picking if Tasha and Spencer want to get rid of Tony. Unfortunately, that’s easier said than done for Mr. Two Idols.

kass mcquillen havoc to wreak survivor cagayan 'Survivor: Cagayan': Can the castaways flush out (one of) Tony's Idols?In the morning, the three guys are discussing the three women, whom they think are still asleep. But the girls are not asleep and are in fact listening in on the conversation. However, Kass mishears Tony — the guys are talking about him being a cop and whether he gets nervous and how many times he’s been shot at. Somehow, Kass gets it in her mind that Tony called her a b**** and she’s really upset about it, but she’s actually completely wrong. I don’t love Tony, but he is innocent in this situation. The only thing they were saying about Kass is that they were surprised she wasn’t up already because usually she wakes up earlier. He actually said, “She must not be feeling well,” seeming concerned about her. That’s it.

But either way, Kass has decided she is no longer a member of the Cult of Tony and she’s ready to “kill the cult leader.” We’ll assume that’s metaphorical, but with “Chaos Kass,” who knows, right?

Kass keeps at it with Tony later and she continues to look completely bonkers to us viewers, but it would be kind of a shame if this is what gets Tony voted off because Kass is the one in the wrong here. However, something interesting happens when Kass keeps needling Tony so much that he just blurts out that he has the special Idol. Oh, Tony. You really should have kept that on lockdown.

Kass doesn’t believe Tony, but you know Spencer and Tasha heard that and are perhaps quietly freaking out. Tony is basically un-vote-out-able until Top 4.

survivor cagayan reward challenge havoc to wreak 'Survivor: Cagayan': Can the castaways flush out (one of) Tony's Idols?Reward Challenge

Why is Probst in a white shirt? That’s weird. Anyway, they’re in two teams of three: Woo/Spencer/Kass vs. Tasha/Trish/Tony, and the reward is to visit a local elementary school and deliver supplies and food, which sounds awesome. The goal is to knock the other team’s wall of blocks, then when one wall is down, they both race to rebuild their walls (which has a picture on it, so it’s a puzzle).

When they start rebuilding, after Spencer/Woo/Kass win the first portion, they’re practically tied because one team has no blocks and one has two. Spencer and Tasha are on puzzle-making duty, and Spencer pulls out the win after lagging behind at first.

The Reward

It’s super cool, just as you had to expect it would be. The kids are adorable and everyone is really touched to have had the chance — even Spencer, who apparently hates kids. Woo shows off some mad basketball and martial arts skillz and the kids go crazy, it’s so cute.

After the kid part, Kass enlists Woo and Spencer to try to flush out Tony’s Idol, splitting the votes between Tony and Trish to either get Tony out or take out the Idol. Well, Tasha, Spencer and Kass are in, of course, but is Woo? He’s tight with Tony.

Woo mulls it over for a bit, then says he’s on board. But we’ll see if he actually sticks with that. It can be hard for a non-gamer to suddenly leave the strong person he’s been aligned with all along.

Then later, Tony wants to know what they talked about on the reward and Woo actually sticks with the deal. He tells Tony that Kass and Tony want to take out Tasha. Innnnteresting. However, Tony blatantly nails Spencer’s entire strategy in the conversation and Woo keeps denying it, which makes Tony really suspicious.

Yeah, it’s not really going to fly with Tony that Spencer wants to take out Tasha, who is his closest ally. What Woo should have done was “out” Spencer’s strategy to target Tony, but reassure Tony that he (Woo) is still loyal. Woo could have probably convinced Tony that he was safe enough that he wouldn’t have played his Idol. But now Tony’s radar is pinging and he’s definitely going to play the Idol.

tasha-fox-survivor-cagayan-CBS.jpgImmunity Challenge

It’s one of the count-things challenges, where the amounts of various objects equal the numbers for a combination lock.

The different strategies are interesting — most people do a couple groups of objects at one time, then head back, while Kass decides to try to count all six in one go. If you’ve got a good enough memory, that’s the ticket. But it’s risky because if you do just a couple and remember them 100 percent, then those are locked, whereas if you do all six but are unsure on most of them, you have a lot of work to do PLUS you don’t know what’s wrong.

Also, Probst points out how skeletal Trish has gotten and — yikes, yes. She looks as emaciated as anyone we’ve ever seen on this show.

But anyway, this ends up taking everyone a really long time. It’s 25+ minutes in when Spencer pulls out a win.

Tribal Council

In the pre-Tribal discussions, Woo/Tony/Tasha decide that girls vote Trish and boys vote Tony and Tony will either leave or his Idol will be gone (apparently no one believed that Tony has the special Idol). Meanwhile, Tony is highly suspicious because Tasha is cool as a cucumber without having won Immunity. He thinks she seems too comfortable.

It’s looking fairly sure that Tony will just await the votes and then play his special Idol. It’s what I would do. Then he plays his other Idol at Top 5, since that’s the last time he can play it anyway, and that’s the ballgame, at least for Top 4. The real game starts when we see if Tony can save himself at that point.

The votes go Tasha, Tony, Trish, Tasha and Tasha, wow. So, when did Woo change back? Or did Kass? This season is nuts and not necessarily in a good way. I like to have some kind of sense of how Tribal might go, but these cuckoos keep taking me completely by surprise and I blame the editing.

It turns out that both Woo and Kass “changed back,” though now I heavily suspect they never intended to vote out Tony or Trish. Again, the editing of this season is kind of ridiculous. It’s staring to feel like it was a boring season that the editing then had to compensate for and make exciting.

Next week: Chaos Kass decides it’s time to stir the pot and Trish has lots to say about that.

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