tony vlachos straw broke camels back survivor cagayan 'Survivor: Cagayan': Should Tony have used both Idols? Perhaps.We’re down to the Final 5 on “Survivor: Cagayan.” Did you think two members of the hapless Brain tribe would end up going this far? I sure didn’t. But can anyone topple Tony’s empire?


Spencer wants to know what Woo is up to and Woo is just basically like — we played you, dude, sorry. The next morning, Woo is clearly loyal to Tony at this point and they seem to think it’s just a matter of choosing Kass or Trish to take to the end with them. However, that’s only what Tony says to Woo’s face. In a talking-head, Tony admits that Woo is too well-liked to risk taking him to the end and I would agree for Tony — Tony needs to be sitting with Kass and Trish.

Kass also privately makes a very good point that Tony’s a decent person to sit next to at the end because he’s burned a lot of bridges. That’s a consideration, but he’s also played a pretty strong game. If I were Kass, I’d try to be sitting next to Woo and Trish. Those are the people she has the best argument against. Tony and Spencer both have great arguments for why they should win.

Reward Challenge

Oooh, this is a fun one. It’s the coat yourself in mud and scrape it off challenge, the person with the heaviest bucket wins. Awesome. The winner gets pizza delivered at camp, mmmm.

The strategies are interesting — do you take your time or try to just make as many trips as possible? Also, the women and Woo have a huge advantage with their hair, they really need to be using that. However, Tony somehow gets so much that his bucket is over-flowing with mud. Wow, that’s impressive for a guy with no hair.

The reward has a catch, of course. Tony gets to choose one person to have pizza with him and he chooses “Anorexia,” a.k.a. Trish, which is maybe not the best joke to make, but also — she’s a skeleton, so.

tony-kass-survivor-cagayan-CBS.jpgBack at camp, Kass and Spencer get a little snotty about how Trish and Tony are buddies. Well, they’re tight because they’re aligned and seem to really like each other. Nothing wrong with that. Don’t begrudge them, they’ve played a pretty good game. At this point, you just gotta win Immunity and hope to maybe take out Tony at Top 4. Of course, his bluff is that he’s going to act like he can use the special Idol at Top 4, which just might work on this group of goobers.

Either way, Tony approaches Kass to tell her that he wants to take her and Trish to the finals, which is his best play. Kass is glad she knows what Tony is thinking and she also thinks this could benefit her because Tony won’t get any votes (she thinks). Tony getting votes really, really depends on what kind of jury this season has.

But Kass decides her best play is to rile Tony up so that everyone will know what a bully he is. It’s an interesting tactic — she gets Tony to admit in front of Woo that he just tried to eliminate Woo and take Trish and Kass to the finals. I wasn’t sure about what Kass was doing up until Tony just vomited that out and then started speaking “llama” (his word). Tony is nuts and not the smartest dude, you guys.

It’s interesting, because on one hand I wouldn’t want to sit next to Tony in a million years in the finals because he has found Idols, he’s voted people out, he’s played a decent game. But on the other hand, there’s nobody better to sit next to because nobody really likes him. It’s such a conundrum, I wish I knew how the jury was feeling. My inclination is Tony will still get votes, but maybe they are more bitter than I am realizing.

Later, Kass decides that her best play is to take Spencer and Woo to the end. Um, I wouldn’t take Spencer if my life depended on it. He’s super likable and he has a decent argument for being a good game-player. Woo, yes. Spencer, no way.

spencer-bledsoe-survivor-cagayan-CBS.jpgImmunity Challenge

The challenge is a race where you do a table maze to release a key, unlock ladder rungs to build a ladder, use planks to build a staircase and then a puzzle at the top. Brutal.

It comes down to Tony vs. Spencer, but Tony has a fairly sizable lead going into the puzzle portion. However, Tony just starts pushing puzzle pieces around like the monkeys in “2001,” while Spencer takes time to study the puzzle and then solve it fairly quickly. It’s impressive. Also, Spencer needed that win.

So, Tony isn’t going home (because of the Idol, why would he not play it just in case?), so who’s going home? Hmm.


Trish blows up at Kass for talking about her. It’s kind of weird — yes, Kass is an agitator, but Trish has to realize A) You’re going to get talked about in a game like this, people have to decide who to vote out and B) You don’t have to call Kass ugly, lady. Though Kass turns right around and calls her “Skeletor,” but at least Kass does it in private and not to Trish’s face.

Spencer and Kass commiserate that if Tony/Trish/Woo are tight, there’s nothing the two of them can do about it. But they need to at least try to get Woo to flip, and there might be a way to do it since Tony does admit to Woo that he was working against Woo with Kass before she blabbed.

Tony points out that with his Idols, the three of them are secured Top 3 and he’s right. Even if he can’t play the Idol in Top 4, they have the numbers unless Spencer wins Immunity again. But Woo’s not so sure he can trust Tony, so he approaches Kass about voting out Trish. Interesting. Spencer points out that to have a chance at Tony, they have to move against him in Top 4, which is true, but it all comes down to if the jury likes or hates Tony.

Who knows, right? This season is extremely unpredictable, so why stop now? It all depends on how Woo feels at Tribal Council.

Tribal Council

The big topic is the Kass vs. Trish thing, both of them are fairly ugly. Kass calls her a “skeleton banshee” to her face, while Trish says Kass is always the victim. I don’t really see Kass saying she’s the victim, but that could be the editing. One thing Trish does say that’s correct is that if Kass is going to be an agitator (“Chaos Kass”) then she has to be able to take the consequences. Then Kass calls Trish a “psycho bitch”! Whoa. Uncalled for.

Then Tony rails on Kass for her shenanigans at camp, but she points out that it had the exact effect she wanted — he admitted in front of Woo that now his deal with Kass was off. It was kind of amazing, Tony totally blurted out that Kass was correct about their deal to work against Woo and it made Woo question Tony’s loyalty — now Trish might go home because of it.

Tony then whips out his penis Idols and says that he’s playing his regular Idol tonight and his special Idol next time. It’s a decent gambit because they don’t know that the Idol’s special power is to be played after the votes are read and not that it can be played at Top 4. If Tony were smart right here, he’d give his Idol to Trish just in case Woo flipped. But Tony doesn’t do it and now he’s all alone because the
votes go Trish, Kass, Trish and Trish.

You know, Tony also could have played his Idol for himself before the votes and his other Idol for Trish after the votes. Hmm. Guess he thinks it’s better to have his tribemates think he has an Idol he can play at the next Tribal.

But Tony may have just screwed himself over right here, because if he doesn’t win the next Immunity, the others should vote for him regardless of whether they’re scared about the special Idol. Because either they vote for him and he can’t play it because he was lying, so Tony goes home, or they vote for him and he plays the Idol (from their perspective, we know he can’t use it) and one of them goes home anyway, which is what would have happened if they turned on each other instead of trying their luck with Tony. If they really want Tony gone so badly, they should take the chance and vote for him if he doesn’t win individual Immunity.

It’ll be interesting to watch. The finale is next week, gang! If you have questions for Trish, tweet them @Zap2itAndrea for our interview tomorrow.

UPDATE: So, it turns out Tony voted for Trish! My DVR cut off that portion. I had just assumed the votes were Woo/Kass/Spencer for Trish and Trish/Tony for Kass. What do you suppose that’s about?! I will definitely be asking Trish.

UPDATE II: Trish says Tony later told her he thought she could beat him at the end and had to vote her out. She also says Kass is “delusional.”

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