terry crews shirtless pec muscles birthday Happy birthday, Terry Crews: Watch the 'Brooklyn Nine Nine' star pop his pecsWednesday (July 30) is the 46th birthday of hilarious “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” star and all-around delightful human being Terry Crews.

The football player-turned-actor-turned “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” host is now a pop culture fixture not only for his acting, but also for his penchant for making his impressive pecs dance at any opportunity, meaning a significant amount of time shirtless and flexing for the public. And we thank him for it.

In honor of Crews’ special day, please enjoy this clip from the recently canceled “Arsenio Hall Show” in which he rips off his shirt and makes his bulging pectoral muscles move for a solid 30 seconds as the show cuts to commercial. Listen: If this were your party trick (and your torso was as ripped as that) you’d do it all the time too.

Posted by:Jean Bentley