megan boone blacklist s1 finale 'The Blacklist' Season 1 finale: Megan Boone promises a 'full blown thriller'Megan Boone has three words to tell you about the season finale of “The Blacklist”: “Liz gets action.”

“If you guys misquote me on that one, I’m gonna be so mad,” Boone says with a laugh over lunch with Zap2it and a small group of reporters last week. “If you take it out of context …”

Not wanting to incur Boone’s ire, here’s the context. Boone says Monday’s (May 12) episode, the conclusion of the two-part “Berlin” story, will be “action-packed.”

“I don’t think we’d be doing our show justice if we didn’t make it a full-blown thriller in the finale,” she says. “Because that’s what the show is. We always kind of escalate to this midseason, ‘Anslo Garrick’-type thriller. That’s what we’re going to do with the finale too, but I think it’s even more intense than the Anslo Garrick episode.”

Liz Keen is entering the finale a much more jaded person than when we first met her, partly because of what she’s seen on the job and partly because of her now-fractured relationship with Reddington (James Spader).

“In the beginning she was very naive — she had the wool pulled over her eyes,” Boone says. “I liked that about her, because it gave her somewhere to go. In a hero’s journey you always have to have a place to grow from. She had that eagerness and willingness to step up to the plate and try to overcome all these challenges, and that’s where the new Liz is born from. These new challenges have introduced to her a truth about life and the dark underbelly of the world that she never knew existed. I think she always had an inkling, but she was always turning away from that inkling. Now she is head-on, full-force involved in the dark side of things.”

As for Red, Boone says Liz is still disgusted with him after learning he killed her father, but she also needs him to complete the mission and stop whatever or whoever Berlin is.

“She says to him at the end of the first part of the season finale, ‘I don’t forgive you. Right now I want to kill you, but there are answers that I need, and I can’t get them without you,'” Boone says. “And she says, ‘I guess we’re stuck with one another.’ That’s the nature of their relationship now — there’s tension, they’re very opposite, they have different agendas, but they rely on one another to see those agendas through.”

Boone is also excited about where “Berlin” leaves the show heading into Season 2: “I think a lot of questions are going to be answered in the finale, and new questions will be posed,” she says. “It’s in keeping with what we’ve been doing all season. The writers and creators are really good at … tying up loose ends with a story line, making you feel satiated, but also giving you a little more of an appetite. What I really like about the finale is it leaves you in a place where you get a sense of where we’re going for Season 2, and it’s exciting. It’s a new direction.”

“The Blacklist” season finale airs at 10 p.m. ET/PT Monday on NBC.

Posted by:Rick Porter