under the dome revelation season 2 'Under the Dome': Melanie's 'Revelation' connects her to Sam, Pauline and LyleWe’ll confess, we had part of Melanie’s backstory pegged on “Under the Dome,” but we didn’t have the rest of it figured out. Read on to find out just where the mysterious new girl came from.

Melanie and the Dome

Turns out Melanie is dead, which we had guessed. What we did not figure out is that she was Sam Verdreaux’s girlfriend (ruh roh, Sam — why are you pretending not to know her?) and or Lyle killed her on accident the night they all discovered the glowing egg inside a meteorite. Melanie wanted to protect the egg, but Lyle shoved her, she fell down a small slope and hit her head on the meteorite. Presumably the egg brought her back to life when Julia dropped it in the lake, since that’s where Melanie first appeared.

Lyle ends up running off with Sam’s journal, after Junior releases Lyle thinking Lyle can help him figure out his mom stuff, but Lyle thwacks Junior with a fireplace poker and escapes. We’re left wondering if it was Lyle who killed Melanie (but by the end of the episode, it’s looking like maybe it was actually Sam).

Survival of the Fittest

Meanwhile, Rebecca and Big Jim are conspiring to unleash a virus on the town that will theoretically kill about a quarter of the population, which is about all they need to cull from the herd in order to not starve to death. Rebecca’s crunched the numbers.

But Julia and Sam suss out what the practical Chester’s Mill residents are up to and decide they must put a stop to it. I mean, sure, Big Jim and Rebecca are being a little harsh, but still — what would Julia and Sam have done in three weeks when the food runs out? What would their solution have been? They’ve never offered another solution, they’ve just worked hard to stop the only people who are making the hard-yet-pragmatic choices.

It all becomes a moot point, however, because the virus has mutated and is too deadly, so Rebecca and Big Jim aren’t going to release it. Or actually, Big Jim was thinking about doing it, but it turned out he didn’t have the virus. Rebecca didn’t think he could go through with it, so she took the virus. But she “overhears” the pig farmer saying more pigs died and she decides not to release it. So, crisis boringly averted.

It doesn’t solve the problem of not enough food, but it definitely stops the idea of thinning the herd before it can be an interesting plot point, which is a frustration with this show all the time.

Julia locks Big Jim and Rebecca up and we may have another trial on our hands. *headsmack*

As an aside, I’m not at all down with Big Jim calling Julia the “town slut,” because that word is awful and needs to die. However, I’m also not down with Julia shacking up with the man who killed her husband in the span of like a week, and now suddenly throwing the new guy over in favor of the strange hermit who lives in the woods that she just met (and who is sporting some wicked scratches on his shoulder, perhaps indicating he killed Angie). Make better life choices, Julia.

Line of the night: “Yearbooks don’t lie,” Joe McAlister. Um, what? Yearbooks lie all the time. As the brilliant Angela Chase said, “This whole thing with yearbook — it’s like, everybody’s in this big
hurry to make this book, to supposedly remember what happened. Because
if you made a book of what really happened, it’d be a really upsetting

Next week: People turn on each other when supplies are short, just like in Season 1.

What did you think of “Revelation”?

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