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The “Veronica Mars” cast made their last public appearance before the movie’s release Thursday (March 13) at the opening night of Paleyfest 2014. It was a night of love from both the actors and the audience as everyone celebrated the arrival of the fan-funded film.
Though the panel was jam-packed with jokes, most of which came from Chris Lowell’s assertion that everyone hates Piz, creator Rob Thomas and his cast also revealed some very interesting facts about the history of the movie and series.
They almost Kickstarted the movie in 2012
That’s right, it almost happened a year earlier. Thomas told the audience that the video that was eventually used with the campaign was actually shot in 2012. The original campaign was only three or four days from launching when Warner Bros. pulled the plug. According to Thomas, that was the lowest point of his career, as he thought “Veronica Mars” was dead in the water.
He considered released the video online to rile fans and make them demand a movie, but instead it floated around the Warner Bros. offices, gaining support.
Kristen Bell made an impression during casting
Thomas saw 100 actresses for the role of Veronica, but the very first person who read for the role Bell. He had to keep asking himself throughout the auditions if the first girl he saw was really as amazing as he’d convinced himself she was. It turns out she was. He felt vindicated during the scene in the pilot when Veronica realizes she’s been raped and starts to cry. “I’m watching her from the monitor,” he remembers, “and tears start streaming down her face, and I’m just like, ‘Holy s***! We have a star!'”
No one in the cast knew who killed Lily Kane
It was the mystery that drove Season 1, but it wasn’t just viewers who were confused. Thomas kept the cast in the dark, leading many of them to question whether they were at fault. Francis Capra feared that Thomas would walk into his trailer to break that bad news that he was the one.
Aaron Echolls almost wasn’t the killer
While Thomas knew from the beginning that Logan’s dad would be the one who killed Lily, that almost fell apart when actor Harry Hamlin was offered a movie role in Australia. However, he cared enough about the show to turn down the role in the end and finish the season. Thomas didn’t say who would have been the killer if Hamlin had taken the job.
The movie originally would have followed the FBI storyline
Before it was a fan-funded movie, Thomas considered following the FBI career story he outlined in the Season 4 pilot presentation for a film. Once the fans came into play, Thomas abandoned the idea, as he wanted to do right by them. That’s a good thing, because the FBI storyline would have consisted of almost an entirely new cast.
Is Veronica on Team Dick?
Though it might seem absolutely crazy, there may be a a bit of Veronica and Dick Casablancas romance on the horizon. Thomas wouldn’t go into details, but says there is a little “Veronica on Dick action” in the first novel.
Dick wasn’t supposed to become a beloved character
If you look back at Dick in Season 1, he’s not very likable. He’s actually pretty horrible to Veronica. His character kept coming back because the writers loved working with Ryan Hansen, though. So thank your lucky stars that Hansen is so cool, because the world gets more Dick.
Veronica and Logan was never the plan
Though they became the pairing we all grew to love, Veronica was never supposed to end up from Logan. What happened came about organically as the characters evolved through the show. Logan was only ever supposed to be the “obligatory psychotic jacka**.”
Thomas wants ‘Freaks and Geeks’ to Kickstart a movie
Of course the question of what he would Kickstart was asked. To lots of applause, Thomas asked for more “Freaks and Geeks.” Who on earth wouldn’t want to see that? Jason Dohring wants to Kickstart a “Party Down” movie, which is also a fantastic idea.
Rob Thomas is open to doing just about anything in the “Veronica Mars” universe
Already there are books and a web series coming, but movies and another season on Netflix or Amazon Prime are also something he’s interested in. His biggest wish, though? “I would love to do the R-rated version of ‘Veronica Mars’,” he says. Thomas wants to explore the darker side of Neptune, and Veronica herself. Could you handle that?
“Veronica Mars” is in theaters now.
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