weird al yankovic emmys gi 'Weird Al' Yankovic discusses Emmys 2014 medley creation: 'It's been a lot of fun'2014 has been a big year for “Weird Al” Yankovic, and he underlined his success when he took to the stage at the 66th primetime Emmy Awards to perform a medley of songs set to the tune of the Outstanding Drama Series theme songs.

The project came together in a surprisingly short span of time, and Yankovic tells Zap2it it was a collaborative effort. “I wrote the medley in collaboration with the Emmys writers, so it was Alex Baze and Andy [Samberg] contributed some stuff as well,” he says at the HBO Emmys party.

Yankovic admits the whole song came together “maybe two weeks ago, even.” “We were on vacation in Hawaii, and actually I’m supposed to be in Maui right now, but we came home several days early to rehearse and do the show,” he says. “It’s been crazy. It’s been a lot of fun. Just a real joy to work with all the people that we work with.” 

One of the most humorous moments of the bit came when Samberg placed a typewriter down on “Game of Thrones” author George R.R. Martin’s lap as Yankovic serenaded him to “type, George, type as fast as you can.” The notoriously slow Martin did type a couple letters on the typewriter, but Yankovic says only Samberg knows whether Martin actually wrote down a spoiler.

Yankovic earned his first No. 1 album in 2014 for “Mandatory Fun,” but he’s been a fan-favorite artist for years. When asked if there’s one song that’s followed him over the year, he admits, “There’s not one song that can be considered my biggest hit because everybody’s got their favorite. I like to say everybody’s favorite ‘Weird Al’ album was whichever one was released when they were 12 years old.”
Posted by:Terri Schwartz