stephen amell julian morris joseph morgan 10 Spoilers: A new 'Arrow' love interest, plus 'Pretty Little Liars' and 'Vampire Diaries' dishSince Mondays are just the worst, we here at Zap2it
have decided to give your week a much-needed wake-up call with 10 TV
teasers — just to remind you that when the work day is over, your DVR
waits to welcome you home.

This week, our Monday Kickstart is a little late (please excuse our Golden Globes hangovers) but just as juicy as ever. Dig in to “Arrow,” “Pretty Little Liars,” “Vampire Diaries” and more, below. We’ll just be over here, drinking Gatorade and popping Advil.

“Arrow”: In the last episode, Oliver gave Tommy and Laurel his blessing — even though, obviously, it was a little heartbreaking for him. But how long can he pretend he’s okay with his best friend dating the love of his life? Things are only going to become more complicated when yet another love interest is introduced for Oliver. Executive producer Marc Guggenheim tells us that the latest object of Oliver’s affection is very different from both Laurel and Helena. Any guesses?

“Pretty Little Liars”
: Now that Toby is looking less and less like a viable love interest for Spencer, we couldn’t help but wonder if she might seek some comfort in Wren (Julian Morris), who will be returning in Season 3B. Executive producer Oliver Goldstick suggests, though, that Wren may not be an ideal boyfriend, either. “He’s a snake!” he says. “We should be afraid of him. Anyone who functions in Rosewood on this show, and is that handsome, be afraid. He has some secrets and some things he’s not really leveled with, particularly because he had access to Mona — and Mona had access to him. Therefore, he’s someone we should exercise caution with. We don’t know what he knows or what he’s willing to do.”

“Vampire Diaries”: At the end of the Christmas episode, Klaus viciously slaughtered twelve hybrids — but, even more shockingly, he drowned Tyler’s mother, Carol Lockwood, in the town square. If it seems like the war between Tyler and Klaus has reached its climax, though, hold onto your hat! Things are going to continue to escalate and get much, much worse between these two before they get better, if they get better. With Klaus potentially putting Mystic Falls in the rear-view mirror next season, it leaves us to wonder if Mystic Falls is big enough for the both of them.

“Bunheads”: Michelle will get a lot closer to the bunheads this season, including Ginny. As Bailey Buntain told us: “The whole period of feeling [Michelle] out is over. We embrace her, we look up to her. So far Ginny’s relationship with Michelle hasn’t really been isolated, but [this season] the two of them get to bond a little bit. Michelle helps influence her and encourage her to try things that she hasn’t tried yet. It’s really fun.”

“Scandal”: Thursday’s episode features more flashbacks to the rigged presidential election, and it also marks the return of Tom Amandes as Fitz’s opponent, Samuel Reston. That’s cool and all, but you really want to be around for a big move by one of the show’s lead characters in the final minutes. How big? Like, really big.

“House of Lies”: Doug is getting a girlfriend! Although he’s still “somewhat oblivious,” star and executive producer Don Cheadle tells Zap2it that the numbers cruncher’s love interest is “starting to pull his coat a little bit and hip him to the fact that he better open his eyes.” Adds Kristen Bell: “So for the first time he’s almost attempting to make a power play that shakes up the whole dynamic.”

: Nick Weschler didn’t exactly give away season 2’s big death but he did hint at how some developments that might lead up to it: “If I even hint at who’s on the boat, it makes you wonder too much… It could be a bunch of people — he just has to be married… You think, ‘Oh, it can’t be Conrad.’ But then… it could be. Something happens and our paths cross… So he’s in the mix.” If you watched last night’s episode, you now know how those paths cross. Will Conrad’s interference in Jack’s arrest lead the elder Grayson to a watery grave?

“Justified”: Remember Dr. Charles Percy, the big-but-lovable Mercy West tranplant on “Grey’s Anatomy”? Get ready to see a very different character from actor Robert Baker in Tuesday’s episode. He’s still big, but not nearly as lovable — and that could be a problem for Raylan.

“Modern Family”: We can report that Haley’s new, much-older boyfriend — played by “The League” semi-regular Jason Mantzoukas — is as skeevy as you might imagine. Phil and Claire take different approaches to dealing with the relationship, but Phil will eventually reach a breaking point.

“White Collar”
: As viewers may have guessed, Neal’s father James (guest star Treat Williams) confessed to killing a cop to protect his family. But who was threatening them? Even James doesn’t know. Welcome to the over-arching mystery of Season 4B.

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