rachel bilson mark salling mae whitman 10 Spoilers: 'Supernatural' gets witchy and 'Glee's' Puck is in for a big surpriseSince Mondays are just the worst, we here at Zap2it
have decided to give your week a much-needed wake-up call with 10 TV
teasers — just to remind you that when the work day is over, your DVR
waits to welcome you home..

This week, our Kickstart includes scoop on some “Supernatural” witchcraft, a “CSI” case that hits close to home, and some family trouble on “Glee.”

“Supernatural”: Women don’t tend to stick around long on this show, so our ears perked up when a little birdie told us that we’ll soon see a “major recurring female character.” Naomi will debut in Episode 807, “A Little Slice of Kevin.”. She’s very buttoned up and polished (and described as similar to Matt Damon’s character in “The Good Shepherd”). All that poise and professionalism is just a farce, though — she’s got some serious issues. Oh, and FYI, that episode’s mystery-of-the-week centers around a woman named Delta, who is a rocker who may have become a “witch-for-hire” when her band broke up.

“CSI: Crime Scene Investigation”
: Things get personal when Detective Russell’s son Charlie becomes the prime suspect in the murder of a basketball coach, who was found brutally bludgeoned to death in his locker room. Charlie isn’t the only one who might want the coach dead, though — he’s described as a “difficult, imperious, petty tyrant with a complicated personal life.”

: Let us say this first — we love the four new characters introduced in the Season 4 premiere. We were a little skeptical that bringing in so many new faces would sideline our old faves, but the new perspective is refreshing and we can’t wait to see how it goes. We’re particularly enamored with Puck’s little brother, Jake, and we can’t wait to see him and Puck share scenes later in the season — particularly because Puck doesn’t know he exists. Ouch.

: Remember how excited we were when we found out that Matt Lauria would play an Afghanistan vet who bonds with Zeek over their shared experience in the army? We’re even more excited to learn that he’s going to share a particularly close connection with Amber, too. Not so thrilled about that connection? Sarah. She worries that her daughter is once again in over her head.

“Law & Order: SVU”
: Usually, the “Law and Order” franchise wraps up its cases within the span of an episode, but in the case of Captain Cragen and the dead hooker, it’s going to take a little while longer. Dean Winters’ Det. Brian Cassidy plays a major role in the first two episodes, and when he finds himself in major danger, Olivia remembers the connection they shared in earlier years and considers rekindling the failed romance.

“Raising Hope”: In an upcoming episode, we’ll meet Jordan — one of Sabrina’s closest friends from high school. She’s caught off-guard when Jordan tells her that he and his partner want to have a child — and they want her to be their surrogate. Meanwhile, Burt bumps into his wholesale flower vendor at a gay bar called The Polka Dot.

“Hart of Dixie”: We’re betting Zoe is really going to miss her glamorous NYC life when she has to head over to Bluebell High to treat the entire football team… and their foot fungus. Things get a little awkward when Rose’s new crush, Max, develops a crush of his own… on Zoe. And by “a little awkward,” we mean there’s a giant flash mob in her future.

“Castle”: Reowr! It’s just two weeks until the Season 5 premiere, when you’ll see Beckett transformed into a fierce lady tiger — even outside the bedroom with Castle. She really brings out her claws for the mastermind behind her mother’s death — and the show’s new baddie. What she does is so shocking that its repercussions will be felt for the rest of the season.

“Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23”: June is about to land her dream job (Hint: It has to do with comic books!) but things go awry when she meets a new nemesis. In the same episode, someone gets stabbed. No, for real.

: When we catch up with the Jeffersonian gang, three months have passed and Brennan is still on the run from Pelant. But she hasn’t been completely out of contact with the group — she’s been in touch with Angela via a top-secret code that someone finally cracks. Also, Cam’s getting a new man during Season 8 — and he’s someone we’ve met before! Keep your eyes peeled during the first few episodes to see who sparks fly with. Confirm your suspicions during Episode 5.

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